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Glastonbury Festival tickets sold out in 27 minutes

Glastonbury Festival tickets sold out in 27 minutes Credit: PA

Tickets for next summer's Glastonbury Festival took just 27 minutes to sell out this morning.

Tickets went on sale at 9am but it was announced on Twitter less than half an hour later that they had sold out. Prices were raised to £220 this year - £10 more than last year.

The line up has yet to be revealed.


Glastonbury tickets to go on sale in October

Glastonbury organisers have released details about ticket sales for next year's festival.

They'll be available from 9am on Sunday the 5th of October at a cost of £220 - ten pounds more than last year.

You can secure your ticket with a £50 deposit but you will need to register by Tuesday the 30th of September. Details can be found on their website.

Animal Shelter say they had to check Dolly's owners were the right people

A dog left at Glastonbury Festival, and which Dolly Parton had offered to re-home, has been reunited with its owner. The animal shelter in Shepton Mallet was reluctant to hand Dolly the dog back to her owners because of welfare concerns, but said they were forced to legally.

In a statement, they added that they would be supervising the owner's care. Lyn Southway from Happy Landings Animal Shelter says they needed to make sure the people were really Dolly's owners.

Dolly the dog pleased to see its owners

ITV Westcountry has been told that the dog that Dolly Parton offered to re-home after it was abandoned at Glastonbury was very pleased to see it's owners when they were reunited last night.

The owners who are Spanish and live in London came forward to claim the dog Dolly who was found abandoned in a tent at the festival. The rescue centre say they were legally obliged to hand the dog back to it's owner after the proper checks were carried out.


'Tearful' owner of Glastonbury dog comes forward

The owner of a dog that Dolly Parton offered to re-home after it was abandoned at Glastonbury, has come forward. In a statement, the Happy Landings animal shelter in Shepton Mallet said:

We would like to let all the supporters of Dolly dog know that her owner came forward and they were reunited this evening. Although we have concerns and unanswered questions, legally we have had to hand her back. [...]

Dolly was delighted to see her owner and vice versa. There were tears all round. We have passed on all medication and the owner will have a programme of care to uphold that was started here with us, which will be monitored. [...]

We understand people's disappointment with this outcome. We did seek legal advice from different sources but had no other option.

– Happy Landings statement

Abandoned Glastonbury dog won't be re-homed yet

Dolly the dog was found abandoned in a tent after Glastonbury Festival Credit: ITV News

Dolly, the dog found abandoned in a tent after the Glastonbury festival, will have to remain at a Somerset animal shelter for a little longer before being re-homed.

Dolly has received treatment and is recovering from an ear infection, but now needs some dental work.

The Happy Landings Animal shelter says it's received numerous calls about the abandoned dog, but will only consider rehoming her once she is back to full health. She's named after Dolly Parton who has also offered to adopt her namesake.

Dolly offers home to abandoned Glastonbury doggie

Country music legend Dolly Parton says she will provide a home to the dog found abandoned at the Glastonbury Festival.

Dolly, who stole the show last week, said she would step in if no one collects her namesake from the shelter where she is currently being looked after.

Duncan Sleightholme reports from the shelter in Shepton Mallet:

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