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Protesters march on Glastonbury over bank closure

Protesters in Glastonbury getting their message across as Barclays shut its doors for the last time Credit: ITV News

Dozens of people have turned out in Glastonbury high street this afternoon to protest over the closing of Barclay's bank.

It closed its doors for the final time today, leaving the town with only one other bank, Lloyds - but this too, is set to close next month.

Residents of the town have been campaigning to keep at least one of their high street branches.


Protests as yet another high street bank closes its doors

The Mayor of Glastonbury is to lead a protest when Barclays bank closes its doors for the last time later.

Residents of the town have been campaigning to keep at least one of their high street branches. Two banks have already gone, Barclays makes the third closure and the final bank - Lloyds - will shut next month.

A protest planned for today (Friday 4) is yet another stand in a long campaign to persuade at least one local bank to stay.

Campaigners have already created what they believe is the biggest ever bank queue in the town and created this campaign video:

Campaigners say they will keep on fighting the Credit: Kevin Redpath

Barclays and Lloyds say they have branches in nearby Street and fewer customers used them now.


Glastonbury profits down to just £86,000 last year

The festival on Somerset's Worthy Farm revenues break records, but profits fall short. Credit: PA

With about 170,000 people at Worthy Farm in Somerset at the height of the five-day festival in June last year, Glastonbury is recognised as one of the biggest music gatherings in the world.

It may be the country’s biggest festival, but most of Glastonbury's record-breaking revenues last year were absorbed by sizeable charitable donations and upkeep costs.

Pre-tax profits fell from £764,000 in 2013 to just £86,000 last year, new accounts show.

Despite a £25.9 million gross-tax profit, the proceeds were almost all used to cover administrative costs and to honour a commitment to donate a sizeable slice of the proceeds to charity.

Will Glastonbury's Holy Thorn be Tree of the Year?

Glastonbury's Holy Thorn is in the running to be crowned Tree of the Year. Credit: ITV News

Voting has now closed in the competition to find England's favourite tree, which includes Glastonbury's Holy Thorn as one of the finalists.

According to legend, Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus, dug his staff into the ground where it took root. The hawthorn is said to be a descendent of the original tree. Already knew that? Here are 10 things you might not know about the famous flowerer.

It was nominated by a public vote in The Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year contest.

Credit: ITV News
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