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Protesters try to disrupt badger cull

Marksmen were out in Somerset and Gloucestershire last night as the second badger cull got underway. The government confirmed shooting has started as part of its controversial attempt to prevent the spread of bovine TB in cattle.

This year targets have been lowered to 316 badgers in Somerset, and 615 in Gloucestershire. Overall the aim is for a reduction of 70 per cent in badger populations over the successive culls.

Protesters were also out in both counties trying to disrupt the cull.


Labour MP says Government should listen to the evidence

Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary Credit: PA

Labour's Shadow Environment Secretary has spoken out against the Government's decision to resume culling in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

She says the Government should listen to the scientific evidence and put an end to what she calls 'disastrous badger culls'.

Last year an Independent Expert Panel concluded that these badger culls were ‘ineffective’ and ‘inhumane’, and more recently they have been described as an ‘epic failure’ by the Chief Scientific Advisor to Natural England. But instead of abandoning these appalling culls the Government have chosen to press ahead without any further independent expert monitoring.

Labour has consistently said that to get Bovine TB under control we need to bring in stricter cattle measures and prioritise badger and cattle vaccinations, but these culls are not the answer.

– Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary

Team Badger speaks out against culls

Team Badger calls for culls to be cancelled Credit: PA

Team Badger, representing 25 different organisations with a total of 2 million supporters, is calling for the second year of badger culling in Somerset and Gloucestershire to be stopped.

It's almost beyond belief that the Government is blundering ahead with a second year of inept and barbaric badger killing. TB in cattle in England is currently at it lowest level in 10 years, the drop being predictably the result of improved husbandry in cattle. So this is a most inappropriate moment for Cameron to be wasting tax payers' money persecuting our wildlife against the advice of every independent scientist in the field; even the Government's own expert panel has branded the cull as ineffective and inhumane.

Current revelations from a whistle blower damn the process even more - making it clear that the numbers the present shooters are working towards are completely unreliable. This cull is a failure and a disgrace - no more than the fulfilment of a dirty promise - which will rebound on this Government at election time.

– Dr Brian May

If you read the document you'll see it is full of caveats about the unreliability of the methods they have used. To then use such methods to derive some target numbers in an attempt to give the culls an air of scientific credibility is an affront to the principles of good science.

– Dr Chris Cheeseman

Second badger cull underway

This year's controversial badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire is underway, the Government has announced.

The second year of a four-year scheme has started in the two counties in an attempt to prevent the spread of bovine TB in cattle.

We are pursuing a comprehensive strategy supported by leading vets which includes cattle movement controls, vaccinating badgers in edge areas and culling badgers where the disease is rife. This is vital for the future of our beef and dairy industries, and our nation's food security. At present we have the highest rates of bovine TB in Europe. Doing nothing is not an option and that is why we are taking a responsible approach to dealing with bovine TB.

– Elizabeth Truss MP, Environment Secretary


Criminals target cashpoints in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Police are reminding people to be vigilant at cashpoints.

Devices to prevent cash being withdrawn were found at cashpoints in Cheltenham and Gloucester earlier this week.

A device attached to record customers’ PINs was found at a cash-point in Stroud.

Police have issued the following advice:

Always cover your PIN when entering it at a cash-point or in a shop;

Check cash-points carefully for anything suspicious and call police straight away if concerned;

If your card or cash is retained, phone your bank immediately, preferably before you leave the scene.

Police Commissioner says crime report is "alarmist"

Martin Surl, Gloucestershire Police & Crime Commissioner Credit: ITV News West Country

Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Martin Surl has described a report into the recording of crimes in the county as 'unnecessarily alarmist'.

Gloucestershire police was among thirteen forces named in the report by HMIC which says that up to 20 per cent of crimes are not being recorded.

Mr Surl says it doesn't help to instil public confidence in the police, but the HMIC say the public have a right to be concerned.

Antisocial groups will be dispersed by Gloucester police

Gloucestershire Police Headquarters is based in Quedgeley. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Police in Gloucester are to be given new powers to deal with anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

A dispersal order in force from May will allow officers to tell groups of two or more to leave an area for 24 hours.

They can use the new powers if they believe a group's behaviour will result in the public being harassed or alarmed.

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