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Helping toads cross the road

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust wants to protect the toads which are in decline Credit: Jim Foster/PA Archive

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is helping residents at Pitchcombe to erect a fence to prevent hundreds of toads being squashed.

The temporary fence will be patrolled nightly by a team of trained ‘Toad Patrollers’ who will carefully pick up the toads and carry them to the other side of the road.

Campaigners say numbers of toads are seriously diminishing due to the loss of farmland breeding ponds which have declined by 90 per cent in the last fifty years.


  1. Ken Goodwin

Laurie Lee's wood to be sold to conservationists

The daughter of the Cider with Rosie author Laurie Lee says her father would have been glad that a wood he owned will be sold to conservationists. Jessie Lee says her family need to sell the wood in Slad Valley, Gloucestershire, because they can no longer manage its upkeep.

An appeal has been launched by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to buy it. They already own the adjacent nature reserve.