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Cheltenham Mayor says policing at GCHQ demo was "overkill"

Cheltenham Mayor says policing at GCHQ demo was
Cheltenham Mayor says policing at GCHQ demo was Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The mayor of Cheltenham has hit out at the cost of policing a demonstration outside GCHQ - saying that with hindsight it was overkill. Up to six police forces were involved, after the movement known as Anonymous claimed thousands of people could turn up. In the end there about 20. Gloucestershire police say that the extra officers were utilised elsewhere in the county, and won't cost the force more money.


Carolyn Keeling is accused of indecent assault with a pupil

Carolyn Keeling is accused of indecent assault with a pupil
Carolyn Keeling is accused of indecent assault with a pupil Credit: GNS

A court in Gloucestershire today was told how a female teacher reportedly seduced a 13 year old boy pupil during a lesson and then launched into a two year sexual relationship with him. The jury at Gloucester Crown Court was told that 63 year old Carolyn Keeling, of Mote Farm, Moat Lane, Taynton, near Gloucester gave the boy wine and stripped off to her underwear to sunbathe while giving him home tuition. The court was then told how the pair had a sexual relationship at the boys home for the next two years while the boys parents were out.

Ms Keeling has pleaded not guilty to six charges of indecent assault, all against the same boy, when he was aged 13-15 between Sept 1993 and Sept 1996. He is now aged 33 and a father of three, the court heard.

The prosecution told the court that the boy had been excluded from school when he was 12 and Mrs Keeling was one of the home tutors appointed to teach him. She would visit his home 2-3 times a week and was given her own key to the house to let herself in.

The jury was told that in 2012 the boy felt troubled about what had happened in his youth when his own children turned 12 and 13 and he told his partner and his mother. That led to him going to a sexual abuse referral centre and, as a result, calling the police.

The prosecution said that when arrested Ms Keeling denied that anything untoward had taken place and insisted their relationship was entirely innocent.


Badger Trust: "..serious concerns remain over culls."

The Badger Trust says they are deciding whether to appeal after the High Court today rejected their request to stop the culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire, unless an expert panel was reinstated to oversee them.

“The Trust is considering its options in respect of an appeal against the Court’s decision.

This judgment does not detract from the serious public concerns over the continuation of the cull, including the most recent leaks regarding potentially unlawful and unsafe activity undertaken by culling contractors during the 2013 culls.

Given the indisputable failure of the 2013 culls, the still unresolved issues regarding safety, the only sensible option for the Secretary of State is to call a halt to these pilots.

if she is not willing to do so, we call on Ms Truss to reinstate the IEP.

Whatever happens during the second year of the culls, in the absence of the IEP, it will be impossible to trust any findings supporting a wider roll out."

– Dominic Dyer CEO Badger Trust
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