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Environment secretary makes good on her promise to sample sausage

The environment secretary Liz Truss has been in the region today sampling local produce.

Environment Secretary Liz Truss eating at Gloucester Services Credit: ITV West Country

She was asked in parliament by Gloucester's MP Richard Graham if she would care to visit the area and sample some Gloucester Old Spot sausage.

Today she was at Gloucester services which sells locally produced food, including the famous banger.

It's absolutely fantastic. I wasn't expecting such a huge plate of food! But it is really lovely.

I think it is so exciting that you have all of this great food brought together in a single place, to everyone from right across the country.

– Liss Truss
A Gloucester Old Spot sausage breakfast Credit: ITV West Country

When asked, "what do you think of the Gloucester old spot sausage?" she replied: "It's very nice, thank-you."

A tray of Old Spot bangers waiting for the Environment Secretary Credit: ITV West Country



Will you buying a Valentine's Day gift?

Roses Credit: ITV News

Thousands of people will be buying Valentine's Day gifts for their loved ones in time for February 14th.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for this occasion. Many are imported from Holland and some from as far as South America to make sure the perfect bouquet is made.

Valentine's Day is also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine and is celebrated in lots of countries around the world.

If you are buying a Valentine's Day gift - let us know what by emailing

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