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VIDEO: Bristol Zoo cares for its new baby gorilla

Bristol Zoo has released some charming footage of its new baby gorilla being looked after by her keeper.

Pictures courtesy Bristol Zoo Gardens

The baby girl weighed in at 2 lbs 10 oz and is thought to be the only gorilla surviving a C-section in the UK.

The little one has been separated from her mother Kena while she recovers from the procedure.

Find out more about the youngster - and her difficult birth, aided by a gynaecologist from St Michael's Hospital.


Incredible video of extraordinary birth of baby gorilla

WATCH: Pictures of a baby gorilla being born by Caesarean section. Staff at Bristol Zoo battle to get the youngster breathing on her own but mother and daughter are doing well.

Pictures courtesy Bristol Zoo Gardens

Find out more about the rare arrival here.

The new arrival is getting constant care from zoo staff Credit: Bristol Zoo