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  1. Katie Rowlett

NHS managers in the West say they 'can cope' with demand this winter

NHS managers in the West say they 'can cope' with demand Credit: PA:Lynne Cameron

There are around 40,000 deaths every year because of the cold, mainly in elderly.

It's down to simple things like people not heating their homes to at least 18°C. Just by doing this you can prevent respiratory illnesses but also colds and flu.

But also when we get a cold snap there is an Increase in fractures due to snow and ice, which also puts pressure on our A and E departments and hospital beds.

Normally NHS England South West is given its winter money now, but this year it was provided by the Government in April so health managers have been able to plan earlier.

NHS England South West says this year health and social care services have been joined up so there will not be as many bed blocking situations like we've seen in previous years.

  1. David Woodland

Family campaign for new cancer drug test

A cancer patient from Taunton who became the first teenager in Britain to have a metal port fitted to his head, has suffered a set back in his treatment.

James Willetts had a small hole put in his skull so that drugs could target the tumour directly without affecting the rest of his brain.

But it's failing to work. His family are now campaigning for a new drug to be trialled on James.

David Woodland reports.


Bath's Little Theatre to host meningitis awareness film

Charities launch meningitis awareness film Credit: annah Foslien/AP/Press Association Images

The UK's three meningitis charities have joined forces to launch an awareness campaign. They want parents to stay vigilant for signs of the disease, even if their children have had injections.

An information film to be shown at the Little Theatre cinema next week in Bath will warn that children aren't protected against all types of meningitis.

Gloucestershire couples offered two more chances at IVF

Embryos being placed onto a CryoLeaf ready for IVF Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Couples seeking to have children in Gloucestershire will be offered three IVF treatments instead of the current one.

In 2006, cuts to the NHS meant the service was almost lost in Gloucestershire altogether. The increase to three full cycles of IVF brings the county in line with national recommendations.


Staff shortages at hospital highlighted after boy's death

The parents of a seven year old boy have tonight reacted with anger and dismay at a report that says staff shortages at the Bristol Children's Hospital may have contributed to the tragic death of their son.

Luke Jenkins was expected to make a full recovery after a successful heart operation at the hospital, but he suffered a cardiac arrest within a week. Today's report lists a catalogue of errors, including lack of staff over a Bank Holiday weekend. Nicola Hendy reports.

Coalpit Heath school reopens after suspected virus

Emergency services were called to The Manor C of E Primary School in Coalpit Heath at yesterday [Monday] afternoon. Credit: ITV West

Pupils at a school near Bristol which was evacuated in a health scare have returned to classes.

Emergency services were called to The Manor C of E Primary School in Coalpit Heath at yesterday [Monday] afternoon.

An investigation into what caused the children to become ill is continuing. It is thought to have been a virus.

Gloucestershire school to re-open after health scare

The Manor C of E Primary School in Coalpit Heath Credit: ITV West

A primary school in South Gloucestershire is reopening after being evacuated over a possible chemical scare yesterday.

Parents of children at The Manor C of E Primary School in Coalpit Heath have been told to keep them at home if they are unwell.

Fire crews inspected the building but didn't find any problems.

Evacuated school due to reopen tomorrow

A school evacuated, after more than 25 children fell ill, is due to reopen tomorrow. Emergency Services were called to Manor Primary School at Coalpit Heath this afternoon (July 9th) after children started to suffer from headaches and nausea.

Police talk to parents at the school gates after children sent home Credit: ITV West Country

South Gloucestershire Council says gas safety checks are being carried out as a precaution. The school is due to reopen tomorrow.

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