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A prickly problem for Secret World

This little orphaned hedgehog is one of a thousand animals taken to Secret World in the past month Credit: ITV News

A wildlife rescue centre in Somerset is having a record-breaking summer - though not in a good way.

The orphaned baby hedgehog shown is among a thousand animals brought into Secret World in the past month.

Staff and volunteers are being kept busy keeping them all fed and cleaned.

We're always busy at this time of year but this month has been a record.

Over the same period last year we probably had about 700 or 800 so it really is quite a significant increase.

Last week we had the busiest day that any of us can remember, with 80 wildlife casualties through the door.

– Nicola Round, Secret World

These three hedgehogs are just a few days old and are all from the same litter. They had been born under a piece of tarpaulin. The mother moved two others but these three were abandoned.

They are being cared for at Secret World and will will be returned to the wild when they are big enough and able to fend for themselves.

Hedgehog dumped in dog waste bin

Winnie the hedgehog Credit: Secret World

A hedgehog has been rescued after being dumped in a dog waste bin in Somerset.

Two ladies heard the hedgehog while they were walking their dogs in Clevedon. They rescued the hedgehog - which has been named Winnie - and took it to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre where it is being treated for a laceration head wound.

the hedgehog has been taken to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre where it is being treated for a laceration head wound. Credit: Secret World


Charity alert as hedgehog numbers fall

Hedgehog numbers are falling rapidly in the region Credit: Credit: Wolfgang Kumm/DPA/Press Association Images

Hedgehog numbers in the South West are declining by as much as five per cent a year, according to the People's Trust For Endangered Species. The wildlife charity says a decade-long survey shows that numbers are declining dramatically.

It blames the loss of hedgerows and grasslands together with the use of pesticides which reduce the amount of food available to hedgehogs. The trend for tidier gardens is also believed to contribute to a loss of suburban habitats.

The charity, together with the Hedgehog Preservation Society, is appealing for volunteers to take part in the second annual Hedgehog Hibernation Survey. More details here