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EDF set to confirm Chinese investment in Hinkley nuclear plant

EDF is set to confirm Chinese investment in the multi-billion-pound scheme. Credit: EDF

Plans for the UK's first nuclear power plant in a generation at Hinkley Point in Somerset are set to be given a boost today.

French energy giant EDF will confirm Chinese investment in the multi-billion-pound scheme.

An announcement will be made on the second full day of a visit to the UK by Chinese president Xi Jinping. He's due to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister at which the nuclear project will be discussed.

Anti-nuclear protestors have recently set up camp at the site.


Protesters erect 'white elephant' outside Hinkley

Protesters camped outside Hinkley Point C in Somerset, have erected a white elephant, which they say represents the views of the financial and nuclear sector.

In the early hours, of Monday 19th October, the protesters built a compound, with an elephant and Chinese banners. They say the stalled project is "a bad investment" and should now be abandoned. It comes a month after George Osborne announced China's investment in the plant.

Anti-nuclear protesters set up camp at Hinkley

Anti-nuclear protesters have set up camp on a roundabout at the gates of the Hinkley C nuclear building site.

They say that EDF's project "is an expensive road to nowhere", and only investment in renewable makes sense. They're urging others to join them, as they prepare to camp the night and cause disruption.

The protesters are urging others to join them outside the nuclear power plant Credit: Osbornes NRG Folly Credit: Osbornes NRG Folly

"Today we have occupied EDF's land at the entrance to the idle Hinkley C site. We want to send a message to the Chinese govt and George Osborne. We don't want EDF's white elephant, we want the renewables revolution!"


The construction of the new nuclear power plant, will be the first in the UK for a generation, and it's expected to supply 7% of the UK's electricity needs.

Last month, George Osborne announced fresh investment from China, which brings the assembly of the plant one step closer.

National security concerns raised over Hinkley Point

An artist's impression of the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point Credit: EDF Energy

Senior military figures have expressed concern that Chinese investment in the new Hinkley Point power station could threaten national security.

The Times has reported that intelligence agencies warned ministers that plans to allow China to take a stake in the Somerset plant could pose a security risk.

But Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said the UK had the strongest level of nuclear regulation worldwide.

Speaking at a Westminster lunch, she said "The Chinese can come and engage with us, but is is our regulations, our high standards that they will have to live up to."

A final investment decision on Hinkley C could be announced during Chinese president Xi Jinping's state visit.

Government guarantee to secure Chinese funding for the Hinkley Point C

Anti-nuclear campaigners write to PM over China

An artist's impression of the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point Credit: EDF Energy

Campaigners trying to stop a nuclear generator being built in Hinkley in Somerset have written to David Cameron.

The Stop Hinkley Campaign has urged the Prime Minister to end co-operation with China, claiming recent explosions in the country have highlighted its poor health and safety record.


First new British nuclear power plant for a generation moves a step closer

An artist's impression of the how the new Hinkley Point C station will look Credit: PA

The construction of the first new nuclear power plant in the UK for a generation moved a step closer today as George Osborne announced fresh investment in the £24.5 billion project.

The Chancellor made the announcement while on a five-day tour of China, where he is hoping to secure further funding for Britain's nuclear industry.

Mr Osborne announced a new government guarantee worth £2 billion to underwrite the proposed nuclear electricity generation plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset, which is due to be built partly with Chinese money.

The power plant is expected to supply 7% of the UK's electricity needs, powering around six million homes, and create thousands of jobs.

The Treasury said the new plant would boost Britain's energy security and open the door to unprecedented collaboration in the UK and China on the construction of new nuclear power stations.

Anti-nuclear protestors due in court after Hinkley blockade

Protestors blockading the road near Hinkley B in April. Credit: No New Nuclear

Three anti-nuclear protesters are due in court in Somerset later after blockading the road leading to the nuclear power station at Hinkley.

The three women, all from Bristol, have been charged with 'willful obstruction of the highway'. It follows a demonstration outside the power station in April.

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