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Anti-nuclear protestors due in court after Hinkley blockade

Protestors blockading the road near Hinkley B in April. Credit: No New Nuclear

Three anti-nuclear protesters are due in court in Somerset later after blockading the road leading to the nuclear power station at Hinkley.

The three women, all from Bristol, have been charged with 'willful obstruction of the highway'. It follows a demonstration outside the power station in April.


Hinkley Point protestors removed by police

All clear at the entrance to Hinkley Point Credit: ITV News West Country

Police say protestors blocking the entrance to Hinkley Point were removed at 9.15am. Ten anti nuclear campaigners from several organisations including South West Against Nuclear and CND arrived at 6.30am to block the road. Three linked themselves together with their arms inside metal tubes. They were removed after specialist cutting gear was brought in.

Anti-nuclear protest at Hinkley Point

Protestors block the road near Hinkley B Credit: No New Nuclear

Anti-nuclear protestors have been staging a sit-down protest near Hinkley Point in Somerset. Campaigners from South-west Against Nuclear, Nuclear Free Bristol & Bristol CND say they're carrying out the action against plans to extend the operation of the ageing 'B' reactor.

Police at the scene as traffic builds up Credit: No New Nuclear

Government will retaliate if Austrian's continue anti-nuclear legal bid

Hinkley C artist's impression Credit: EDF/ITV News

The government has threatened to retaliate if Austria goes ahead with a legal challenge to the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

The anti-nuclear country claim funding arrangements for Hinkley C breach EU rules on subsidies.

An Austrian MEP said the British Foreign Office was threatening a number of legal moves if they pursue the court action.

The £16 billion project to create a 3,200 MW two reactor nuclear power station was agreed in 2013 by EDF and two Chinese companies.

I don't think that threats by a friendly Government in the European community is something that we would allow to even happen. This is something that is completely out of line.

– Eugen Freund, Austrian MEP


Fears that Hinkley nuclear plant is being delayed

The site for the proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley in the shadow of the existing reactors Credit: ITV News

There are growing fears that the European Commission is delaying the building of a new power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It's still to sign off all the building regulations surrounding the project.

Today Labour south west MEP Claire Moody will meet the Commission to try to speed up the process.

Will Hinkley C power station get the go ahead?

French company EDF want to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C by 2023 Credit: ITV News

The European Commission is expected to announce whether or not it approves plans to build the new Hinkley C power station in Somerset later today.

The commission has been investigating a deal struck between energy company EDF and the government to see if it constitutes illegal state aid.

Hinkley C on the verge of getting EC approval

Hinkley C on the verge of getting EC approval Credit: PA

Britain's first new nuclear plant in a generation is on the verge of getting the go-ahead. The European Commission is said to be about to approve plans for the £16 billion project at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Under the deal, Hinkley C will be built by a French company, EDF energy, which will receive a guaranteed price for its energy for 35 years - at twice the current level.

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Protests at Hinkley as Govt probed over energy price

There has been a protest at Hinkley Point in Somerset today (Thursday 10 April) over plans for a new nuclear power station there. People are angry that the Government has agreed to pay twice the current market price for the electricity the plant will generate.

Meanwhile, Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Davey has given his backing to renewable energy at a tidal power company in South Gloucestershire.

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