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Firecrew rescues horse

Firecrew rescues horse/Photo Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service have rescued a horse called Moose from a metal fence using specialist equipment.

They received a call from the owner at Church Lane, Toddington after Moose got his leg trapped.

In order to free him safely, Winchcombe fire service received specialised animal rescue equipment from Gloucester North fire station. In just over one hour, a total thirteen fire-fighters rescued the horse and he is now back to his fighting fit-self.


Horse with an itch needs pyjamas

An animal at HorseWorld near Bristol, with an allergic reaction to midge bites, needs a protective pair of pyjamas to ease its suffering.

The charity, Horseworld, near Bristol says Gracie May's condition has worsened. It wants help to make a special pyjama suit.

Many horses which suffer from the condition wear rugs to try and prevent the bites.

HorseWorld is now appealing for help from rug sponsors or machinists who could help to create a special suit for the 17 hands high heavy horse.

Karen Hardwick, from the charity said:

"We have been struggling to keep Gracie May's itching under control.

"She currently has a rug that protects her when she is outdoors in the fields, but it's far from being a perfect fit and tends to rub against her. She badly needs something suitable for wearing indoors when she is in her stable here at Whitchurch, a pyjama suit would fit the bill.

"Her size is an issue too. She measures seven feet high from the ground to the top of her head. We've searched high and low but can find nothing on the market that would fit this gorgeous heavy horse."

– Karen Hardwick, visitor centre yard manager at Horseworld

Gracie arrived at the charity centre, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes horses, ponies and donkeys, emaciated and with hair missing in 2001. She has been nursed back to health and now lives at HorseWorld's visitor centre.

Horses attacked in Forest of Dean

Police have launched an investigation after nine horses were attacked Credit: ITV Westcountry

Police are investigating an attack on a group of horses in the Forest of Dean. Nine horses and ponies belonging to Kay Coleman and her daughter had their manes and tales cut, and their faces burnt.

The attack happened at the time of the summer solstice. It's thought the hair could have been stolen for a religious ritual but Kay thinks there may be a simpler explanation.