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Farmers ask for no fly zone as calves spooked by hot air balloon

Farmers have called for a no fly zone over their land after more than 30 calves were spooked by a hot air balloon.

Sue and Jeremy Padfield say the 35 cattle escaped after they charged at fencing, breaking through posts and barbed wire.

The couple, of Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset, say the cows were spooked by a hot air balloon.

Balloons are a regular fixture of the West Country in the summer months Credit: ITV West Country

They've now called on the National Farmers Union to help them try and introduce a 'no fly zone' over the farm to try to stop it happening again.

Posting on Facebook she said she had received overwhelming support from other farmers.

All young calves safely back, incredibly & thankfully appear uninjured, will of course be checking them again later.

Something has seriously spooked them this evening, all fence posts completely snapped & 3 strands of barbed wire broken by them running through.

We'd like to educate the balloon pilot that possibly caused the calves such distress, please help us identify them.

– Sue Padfield, Facebook
Credit: Oliver Berg/dpa


Oops - hot air balloon makes a splash in Bristol

A hot air balloon pilot found an unusual way to cool off in the hot weather - taking a quick dip in Bristol's harbourside.

The pilot had a near miss with the water on several occasions before finally landing with splash.

A crowd of onlookers gathered as the blue and yellow balloon precariously hovered above the floating harbour, many taking photos and videos on their phones.

But all was not lost as the skilled crew managed to swiftly raise the balloon after the wicker basket dipped into the water. As it came out of the harbour, people cheered as water pours from the bottom of the basket, before the balloon disappears once more into the sky.

Balloon entrepreneur honoured

The inventor of Cameron Balloons has been recognised in the New Years Honours List. Don Cameron who founded Cameron Balloons is made MBE. And TV presenter Kevin McCloud who lives near Frome also gets the MBE for his work on sustainable buildings.

Don Cameron (on the right) gets an MBE in the New Year's Honours List. Credit: PA


Experimental balloon found safe

A special, high-altitude balloon that went missing after being launched by school pupils in Somerset six months ago, has been found by a farm worker in a field in Nottinghamshire.

The Mars Balloon which is backed by the UK Space Agency was one of a pair launched in Frome, containing 140 student experiments.

Mars balloon Credit: ITV News West Country

Verdict in Balloon Death Inquest

Inexperience and flying at such high altitude were combining factors in the deaths of two Bristol men who died when their hot air balloon crashed in Somerset, according to the coroner at the inquest into their deaths.

Delivering a narrative verdict, Maria Voisin, at Flax Bourton Coroners Court, said Lee Pibworth and Allan Burnett were inexperienced with some of the equipment they were using and this played a part in the crash that led to their deaths in January last year.

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