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Paralysed man goes public to front right-to-die battle

Paul Lamb, who was involved in a road traffic accident in 1990, has adopted Tony Nicklinson's legal fight. Credit: ITV News

A heavily-paralysed man has waived his right to anonymity to become the new figurehead of a right-to-die campaign.

Paul Lamb, who was previously referred to as "Patient L", has adopted the legal fight previously fronted by locked-in sufferer Tony Nicklinson.

Mr Nicklinson died last year, days after losing his High Court battle to be permitted to die with the help of a doctor.

Mr Lamb's assumption of his legal challenge, which was granted by the Court of Appeal last month, will be joined by a case brought by Mr Nicklinson's widow Jane Nicklinson.

She is pursuing a claim in her own right that she suffered pain, distress and injury as a result of her husband's inability to lawfully end his own life.

Both cases will now be heard in the Court of Appeal next month.