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  1. Robert Murphy

Wiltshire Police jobs page gets 300,000 hits in 3 hours

It took just three hours, but in that time thousands of people expressed an interest in becoming a police officer in Wiltshire. Most were left disappointed when they weren't quick enough to apply.

But Wiltshire Police says it now has enough applicants for the £19,000 a year posts. The Police Federation says it has reservations about the process.


Employment Minister says youth unemployment fall is 'welcome'

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that a total of 155,000 people were unemployed in the South West between July and September. The region's unemployment rate was 5.8% and saw a drop of 1.3% during the period.

It's good news to see yet another increase in the number of people in work and to see unemployment fall again. The fall in youth unemployment is particularly welcome, although we're not complacent about the scale of the challenge still facing us.

We're working hard to help the long-term unemployed back into a job. That's why we've committed to supporting the hardest-to-help people over a two-year period through the Work Programme so that we can help them overcome their barriers to work and get them into sustainable jobs.

– Employment Minister Mark Hoban

South West unemployment drops by 2,000

Figures show unemployment has fallen to its lowest total for over a year Credit: PA

Unemployment in the South West dropped by 2,000 this summer, according to the official figures released today.

150,000 people were out of work, or 5.8%. The region's reflecting the national picture, with total unemployment now at its lowest level for a year.

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