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More than a third are paid less than the living wage

More than 1 in 3 people in the region earn less than a living wage Credit: PA

Kingswood in South Gloucestershire has the highest number of people earning below the living wage in the South West.

More than half of its population are paid less than the amount deemed necessary to live on - which is currently set at £7.85 an hour.

According to the Trades Union Congress, more than a third of jobs in the region pay a lower wage than this.

Sickness bug closes South Gloucestershire school

Two Mile Hill Primary School is due to re-open on Monday after a deep clean Credit: ITV News

A South Gloucestershire primary school's been forced to closed after dozens of children and teachers came down with norovirus.

Two Mile Hill School in Kingswood will be closed until Monday to allow for deep cleaning.

Two Mile Hill Primary School in Kingswood Credit: ITV News


MP calls for inquiry into the burst water main incident

More than a dozen families are counting the cost of flood damage to their homes after last weeks water mains burst in Kingswood in South Gloucestershire. The main burst on Thursday afternoon in Fisher Road.

15 homes were flooded and 24,000 properties were left without water. The main has now been repaired and the damaged section sent for analysis to find out why it split.

Today insurance assessors arrived on site to examine the damage to flooded homes. But residents have been told it could be months before they can move back in. They will be fully recompensed as Bristol Water says it is liable and its insurers will meet incurred costs.

However, the thousands of other residents and businesses who were left without water for nearly two days won't get any compensation. It's only payable if the supply is cut off for more than 48 hours.

Chris Skidmore, MP for Kingswood has called for an inquiry review into the incident and says he will be supporting people in their compensation claims. He also says there's a risk of the same thing happening across Bristol:

Water supplies restored to most homes

A river of water engulfed Fisher Road in Kingswood on Thursday. Credit: ITV News West Country

Water has been restored to thousands of homes in South Gloucestershire.

24,000 homes have been without water after a water main burst on Thursday afternoon in Fisher Road, Kingswood.

Residents had to be rescued by an inflatable raft and spent the night in a nearby church. 18 schools were forced to close on Friday.

Almost all supplies affected by the burst have now been restored to normal although teams of engineers are still flushing out the network to remove any air in supply or discoloured water.

It may be that some customers whose supplies have been restored will experience poor water pressure for a while — it will also take some time for restored supplies to reach the upstairs of properties.

We also understand that there are some small pockets of Longwell Green and Oldland Common which are still experiencing supply difficulties, probably caused by our essential flushing work; this is being addressed as quickly as possible.

We thank all customers affected in any way for their patience.

– Bristol Water spokesperson

Some Kingswood homes still without water

The water supply has been restored to parts of Kingswood after a two day interruption due to a burst main. However, houses in the following areas still have no supply:

  • Longwell Green
  • Warmley
  • Oldland Common
  • Fishponds
  • Mayfield Park

Bristol Water says it is aiming to restore the supply to these areas by early afternoon.


Work starts to fix 15ft of damaged pipe

Bristol Water says its engineers are now working to fix the broken water mains in Kingswood.

The company says it's hoping the work will be completed by the early hours of tomorrow morning.

24,000 homes are without water.

It happened yesterday evening and caused widespread flooding with some homes having to be evacuated.

24,000 without water as Bristol Water engineers start to fix pipe Credit: ITV

Bristol Water promises more water tanks

Bristol Water says it is increasing the number of tanks on each site and adding two new sites at Fishponds and Cadbury Heath.

An increased number of tankers is being mobilised to keep the tanks filled.

People filling containers with water after water main burst in Kingswood Credit: ITV

Bristol Water hopes to repair mains within 24 hours

Thousands of homes are without water in Kingswood due to a burst water main Credit: ITV

The gas company Wales and West Utilities, says it has carried out necessary work to its gas pipe to allow Bristol Water to repair the damaged water mains in Kingswood.

Burst water main send floods gushing towards houses and closed roads in Kingswood Credit: ITV

Up to 9,000 people in South Gloucestershire are still without water after the incident last night.

Some homes were evacuated in Bristol after the water main burst Credit: ITV

Bristol Water says they hope to be able to fix the damage within 24 hours.

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