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Bristol aid worker describes assaults

British aid workers, including one from Bristol have moved back to the Libyan border post after becoming stranded and then attacked by soldiers on the border with Egypt. Sakir Yildirm from Fishponds was driving a mini-bus taking aid to Gaza.

..we decided to move the convoy up to the Egyptian border post. When they saw us coming the soldiers poured out and started shouting. An ambulance was at the front and they demanded to search it. But they just pulled everything out on the ground breaking things but no plans other than to cause chaos.

Then the soldiers started pulling people out of the vehicles trying to start a fight with us. They dragged three people away, they said for questioning. The soldiers all have guns and they were going crazy. It was all very frightening.

– Sakir Yildirm, aid worker from Bristol

The three people were released and the aid convoy moved back to the Libyan border post where they are appealing for help to be let out of the no-mans-land.

Keith Darkin from Montpelier, who was with Mr Yildirm has had to return to the UK for health reasons.