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Rail watchdog investigates safari park

A miniature train accident at Longleat Safari Park is being investigated by the rail watchdog.

Six people were hurt when the train came off the track earlier this month. The investigating body usually regulates health and safety on the mainline rail network. The ride will stay closed while the investigation is carried out.

Longleat CEO suspended

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park's chief executive David Bradley has been temporarily suspended and a review is being carried out.

David Bradley has been temporarily suspended from Longleat and we are currently carrying out a review.We're unable to comment further as it would be unfair to those involved.

[Longleat] is very much business as usual and we're looking forward to welcoming visitors to the park and to our upcoming events - Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas.

– Longleat Safari & Adventure Park spokesman


Cheeky monkeys cause car chaos at Longleat

The cheeky macaques were seen playing tug of war with the car trim Credit: Longleat Safari Park

A trio of young macaques made away with a section of trim taken from a visitors car at Longleat Safari Park.

The monkeys were spotted playing tug of war with the car part. Their enclosure is one of the most popular areas of the park, despite their infamous reputation of trying to pinch things from passing cars.

The monkeys are renowned for their attraction to cars Credit: Longleat Safari Park

PICTURES: Apes go mad for ice-cream van

The monkeys 'queuing' for their cool snacks. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Safari keepers at Longleat brought in a local ice-cream seller to help keep the wildlife attraction's rhesus monkeys cool during the hot and humid weather.

This monkey is happy with his 'purchase'. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

The monkeys were only allowed a choice of special fruit-based ice lollies.

Settling down to an afternoon treat. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Rhesus monkeys are found throughout south east Asia and across the Indian subcontinent.

This money would have been very disappointed with this ice-cream! Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park


Sun dance at Longleat

African dancers in the sunshine at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire Credit: Ian Axton

A group of African dancers have been performing in the sun at Longleat in Wiltshire. They are part of the celebrations for a new attraction, which the safari park hope will prove very popular with visitors. Who wouldn't want the chance to feed a giraffe or two after all?

The giraffes seem to be enjoying the new "Feed the Giraffe" attraction at Longleat Credit: Ian Axton
Children from Horningsham Primary School in Wiltshire were invited to open the new facility Credit: Ian Axton

Weather picture: Tall shadows at Longleat

That's more like it! A giraffe basking in the sunshine at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire - not quite African weather though! Credit: ITV West

Our presenter Ian Axton took this shot of a giraffe at Longleat in Wiltshire. It probably casts the tallest shadow around. Or do you know different? Email your pictures to or paste them on our Facebook site.

Longleat escaped monkey recaptured

A rhesus macaque monkey Credit: PA

A monkey which prompted a search by staff and police after escaping from a safari park has been found. Keepers at Longleat successfully recovered the juvenile rhesus macaque monkey at about 8pm yesterday. The primate is thought to have made its bid for freedom during the afternoon.

The safari park said: "The monkey was caught close to the estate in a humane trap that was baited with fruit and appears to be fit and healthy. It has now been returned to Longleat where it will be given a thorough examination.

"A detailed inspection of the Monkey Jungle enclosure has not revealed any potential gaps in the secure perimeter fencing, therefore it is possible that the small primate may have been inadvertently taken out of the enclosure on a vehicle.

"Steps have been taken to ensure this cannot happen in the future.

Staff from the park led the search for the "low-risk" animal with the help of officers from Wiltshire Police.

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