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Longleat offers bubble wrapped cars

Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Longleat is to offer visitors to the safari park the option of having their cars bubble-wrapped to protect them from their infamous troop of car-mad monkeys.

The Wiltshire attraction will be offering the special service to motorists before they enter the monkey ‘Drive-Thru’.

It will be available as an additional charged option with drivers pulling in to a designated wrap zone where staff will be on hand to carefully cover their vehicles with protective plastic.

On exiting the Safari Park it will be removed and recycled.

Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

The vast majority of our visitors love the experience of driving through our monkey enclosure, and getting the opportunity to enjoy their antics at extremely close quarters.

However some drivers are put off by the prospect of having their car covered in the highly-curious and, occasionally, slightly destructive simians.

The bubble wrap will provide them with extra security and the confidence to brave the drive-thru safe in the knowledge their prized vehicle will remain untouched.

– Paolo Flirs, Longleat’s customer services assistant
Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

True or False? Is this an April Fool?

Lanterns of Longleat are up for auction

19 of Longleat's animal-themed lanterns are going up for auction Credit: ITV News

Giant Chinese lanterns that lit up Longleat this winter are to be auctioned for charity.

150,000 people came to see the illuminated designs at the Wiltshire estate. Some will be kept for next Christmas but 19 animal-themed creations will be sold to raise money for Tusk, the Duke of Cambridge's African wildlife conservation charity.

The online sale runs until 11 February. You can find out more here.


Longleat: train won't run until 'thorough investigation' is carried out

Train derails at Longleat

Longleat Safari Park has released a statement following the derailment of their minature train.

This is the second time the train has come off the rails in three months. The train will not run while a thorough investigation is carried out.

At approximately 11.30hrs Sunday, while a train on the miniature railway was reversing back towards the station, the rear bogie of the last carriage became detached from the track. The train was travelling at a very low speed. The carriage remained upright.

All the passengers on board the train were safely taken off and were escorted away by Longleat staff. There were no injuries to passengers or staff. As a precaution, the train will not be running while a thorough investigation is carried out, although Longleat are confident there are no technical issues with the train or the track.

The train was operating during a private event and Longleat have been in full communication with the event organisers.

– Longleat

Train derails at Longleat for second time in three months

Miniature train derails at Longleat Credit: SWNS

A miniature train at Longleat safari park in Wiltshire has partially derailed for the second time in three months as it carried children to Santa's grotto.

The accident happened at around 11.30 yesterday morning, while the train was reversing back towards the station. Managers at Longleat say all passengers were led to safety and no one was hurt.

In August five people were injured when two carriages of the same train - then called the Jungle Express - derailed. After that incident, a spokesperson from the park promised a 'thorough investigation into what caused the incident'.

Passengers walked back to the station following the incident Credit: SWNS

Longleat to switch on its 7,000 Christmas lanterns

The lanterns which will light up Longleat this evening are based on traditional Chinese designs Credit: Longleat

Longleat's less traditional Christmas light display will be switched on this evening.

The festival of light is Europe's biggest ever display of giant Chinese lanterns - with around seven thousand individual lights.

A team of a hundred craftsmen from the region of China famous for lantern festivals have created the structures.

15 kilometres of silk and 30 tonnes of steel have been used to create the designs.

The amazing structures have been created by a team of craftsmen and women in China Credit: Longleat


Rail watchdog investigates safari park

A miniature train accident at Longleat Safari Park is being investigated by the rail watchdog.

Six people were hurt when the train came off the track earlier this month. The investigating body usually regulates health and safety on the mainline rail network. The ride will stay closed while the investigation is carried out.

Longleat CEO suspended

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park's chief executive David Bradley has been temporarily suspended and a review is being carried out.

David Bradley has been temporarily suspended from Longleat and we are currently carrying out a review.We're unable to comment further as it would be unfair to those involved.

[Longleat] is very much business as usual and we're looking forward to welcoming visitors to the park and to our upcoming events - Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas.

– Longleat Safari & Adventure Park spokesman

Cheeky monkeys cause car chaos at Longleat

The cheeky macaques were seen playing tug of war with the car trim Credit: Longleat Safari Park

A trio of young macaques made away with a section of trim taken from a visitors car at Longleat Safari Park.

The monkeys were spotted playing tug of war with the car part. Their enclosure is one of the most popular areas of the park, despite their infamous reputation of trying to pinch things from passing cars.

The monkeys are renowned for their attraction to cars Credit: Longleat Safari Park

PICTURES: Apes go mad for ice-cream van

The monkeys 'queuing' for their cool snacks. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Safari keepers at Longleat brought in a local ice-cream seller to help keep the wildlife attraction's rhesus monkeys cool during the hot and humid weather.

This monkey is happy with his 'purchase'. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

The monkeys were only allowed a choice of special fruit-based ice lollies.

Settling down to an afternoon treat. Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Rhesus monkeys are found throughout south east Asia and across the Indian subcontinent.

This money would have been very disappointed with this ice-cream! Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park
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