Victims react to today's ruling

As the case against the man accused of causing the M5 crash is dismissed, our reporter Bob Cruwys has been to meet survivors.

M5 crash case dismissed by judge

The case against the man who put on a fireworks display close to the M5 in Somerset where 7 people died has been dismissed.

Fireworks man 'failed over safety'

The M5 crash could have been avoided if the organiser of a fireworks display fulfilled his health and safety duties, a jury has heard.

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M5 crash coroner suggests rules for firework displays

The aftermath of the crash on the M5 on bonfire night in 2011 Credit: ITV News West Country

A senior coroner in Somerset has written to the Department of Transport, suggesting new rules for firework displays near motorways.

Following the fatal pile-up on the M5 at Taunton, Michael Rose is calling for various new measures including more detailed risk assessments of geographical features, wind conditions and humidity.

Seven people died in the crash in 2011.

Bereaved relatives meet fireworks officials following inquest into M5 crash in Somerset

by David Woodland

Relatives of those who died in the M5 crash in Somerset have met officials from the fireworks industry to suggest how safety can be improved. Seven people died in the accident - which the inquest concluded was caused by dense fog, with smoke from fireworks possibly a contributing factor.

Today the coroner put his suggestions to experts, before making final recommendations on how to prevent future incidents.


Motorway drivers hit "wall of fog"

Motorists caught up in a car crash on the M5 in which 7 people died have told an inquest how they became disorientated driving through a "white curtain" of fog.

The crash in November 2011 involved 34 vehicles. It happened on the night a fireworks display was being held at the nearby Taunton Rugby Club.

The event organiser, Geoffrey Counsell, was cleared of breaching health and safety regulations last year. Today, a coroner heard conflicting reports about the cause of the low visibility.

Richard Lawrence reports.

M5 Crash inquests to be held spring 2014

Inquests into the deaths of seven people who were killed in a crash on the M5 in Somerset will take place in the spring. Coroners will open inquests into the deaths of those that died on the 31st of March.

It comes after the organiser of a nearby Firework display was cleared of breaking health and safety laws. Geoffrey Counsel was cleared of breaking health and safety laws earlier this month.

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Date set for inquest

A date’s been set for an inquest into the deaths of seven people who died in a crash on the M5 near Taunton two years ago.

34 vehicles were involved in the pile-up and fire in November 2011, making it one of the worst motorway accidents in the country.

Geoffrey Counsell, who staged a fireworks display at nearby Taunton Rugby Club ground, was cleared last week of breaching health and safety laws amid claims drivers could not see because of smoke drifting across the road.

West Somerset Coroner, Michael Rose says he will hold a full inquest at Taunton on March 31st.


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Victims families 'devastated' by case dismissal

The daughter of a couple who were killed in the M5 crash said she was "devastated" with the result - and still blamed Geoffrey Counsell, the fireworks organiser, for the smash.

Elaine Adams, whose parents Anthony and Pamela Adams, from Newport, south Wales, died in the accident, said: "I think I speak on behalf of all the families in the crash - we are devastated."

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