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Should Prince Charles pay tax?

The treasury is being urged to investigate whether Prince Charles's Duchy of Cornwall estate has an unfair advantage over its commercial rivals.

The Duchy is a portfolio of land, property and investments all over the South West, but it doesn't have to pay corporation tax or capital gains tax.

Last year it generated more than £28m. Prince Charles uses the money to fund his public duties.

Margaret Hodge MP is from the Public Accounts Committee:


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Full report: Prince Charles' tax affairs

Prince Charles is facing calls for his Duchy of Cornwall estate to pay more tax on the large stretches of land it owns across the south west.

The issue will be raised by a committee of MPs shortly.

The committee's chair says she wants to know if the Duchy - which doesn't pay either Corporation Tax or Capital Gains Tax - is contirbuting its fair share.

The Duchy defends its position and points out that the Prince does voluntarily pay income tax.

Calls for overhaul of Prince Charles' tax affairs

HRH The Prince of Wales. Credit: PA

The Prince of Wales is facing calls from a leading MP to pay a greater share of tax on his Duchy of Cornwall estate.

Prince Charles currently pays voluntary income tax as his estate is exempt from corporation and capital gains tax.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge, Chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee. Credit: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who is Chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, is demanding an overhaul of his tax arrangements and says he should be required by law to pay income tax and the Duchy should pay taxes in the same way as other businesses.