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Slavery investigation after four men rescued in Melksham

Wiltshire Police have rescued four Romanian men in Melksham this morning (Wednesday 2 April) who were working in what police describe as 'exploited circumstances'.

The men are all from Romania, are aged 25-45, and were found on commercial premises. They are now being supported by the Salvation Army. No arrests have been made and police enquiries are continuing.

The raid was part of a joint operation between Wiltshire Police and HMRC in relation to human trafficking.

These raids, further to others last week, again reinforce the reality that the net on human trafficking is indeed getting tighter. It also further emphasises our commitment as a force to fully investigate and robustly deal with this type of crime which sees people used as commodities.

– Detective Sergeant Rob Findlay, Wiltshire Police

Teenage girl assaulted in Melksham

A 14 year old girl has been assaulted and two others verbally abused by a driver in Melksham. The three girls were crossing the High Street near the Market Place around 4:40pm on Sunday 16th March when a female driver had to stop for them.

They claim the woman got out of the car and started shouting at them, going on to drag one girl to the floor. Police are looking for witnesses.


Right-to-die Corrie storyline welcomed by widow

Tony Nicklinson's struggle with life made headlines worldwide. He battled for the right to have doctors help him die peacefully after being immobilised for years following a stroke.

The issue of assisted suicide has been taken up by Coronation Street. Tonight the character Hayley Cropper will take her own life in a storyline about the right to die.

The development has been welcomed by Tony's widow Jane Nicklinson. Our Wiltshire Correspondent Robert Murphy reports.

Wiltshire man in spotlight with Coronation Street storyline

Wiltshire man in spotlight with Coronation Street storyline Credit: Coronation Street

Tony Nicklinson from Melksham is back in the spotlight tonight with an assisted suicide storyline in Coronation Street.

Viewers will tonight see Hayley Cropper take her own life after battling pancreatic cancer. It's to raise awareness of people like Mr Nicklinson who was left paralysed and with had locked-in syndrome after a stroke and wanted doctors to lawfully end his life.

Right to die case continues

It's day two of a Supreme Court hearing into the appeal by the widow of locked-in-syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson, from Melksham, who campaigned for a doctor to be allowed to help him to end his life.

The Ministry of Justice argues any such changes are matters for MPs.

David Perry QC, the barrister for Ministry of Justice says changes to the law on assisted suicide are for Parliament, and not the courts, to decide:-

Second day in court

Tony Nicklinson's widow is back in court today to continue his right-to-die battle Credit: ITV News West Country

The widow of a right-to-die campaigner from Wiltshire is at the Supreme Court in London for a second day to continue his legal battle.

Tony Nicklinson from Melksham died naturally after living for years with locked-in syndrome. His wife Jane is carrying on his campaign to protect doctors from prosecution if they help someone end their life.


Tony Nicklinson's widow "hopeful" in right-to-die battle

A widow from Wiltshire who wants judges to allow doctors to help disabled people to die was "hopeful" as she took her battle to the UK's highest court.

Jane Nicklinson from Melksham, whose late husband Tony suffered locked-in syndrome, wants the Supreme Court to make a right-to-die ruling.

Nine Supreme Court justices are sitting at the four-day hearing in London - although they are not expected to announce any decisions until next year.

"I'm pleased to see that nine judges are sitting. They clearly mean business," she said, prior to the start of the hearing.

"I'm hopeful. I'm confident we have done everything we can. We feel very strongly ... Something needs to be done."

– Jane Nicklinson

Right-to-die case goes to Supreme Court

Tony Nicklinson died naturally last year Credit: Emma Hallett/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The widow of a Wiltshire man is going to the Supreme Court in London this week to continue his right-to-die legal battle.

Tony Nicklinson from Melksham lived for years with locked-in syndrome. He died naturally after losing a High Court fight for doctors to end his life. A subsequent Appeal Court challenge also failed.

Sentencing due for killing

A Wiltshire man is due to be sentenced today after he admitted killing his wife earlier this year. The body of 45-year-old Suzanne Bavette Newton was found at a house in the Bowerhill area of Melksham in January.

52-year-old Richard Newton pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Richard Newton admitted killing his wife, Bavette Norton in Melksham Credit: Avon & Somerset Constabulary
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