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Military activity on Salisbury Plain to increase

Residents have been warned to expect more military activity on Salisbury Plain Credit: ITV West Country

People living around Salisbury Plain may notice an increase in military activity. The army is staging a big exercise to test that its Lead Armoured Task Force is prepared for deployment. Residents have been warned to expect more vehicles such as tanks on roads in the area.


Aerobatics ahead of Yeovilton Air Day

Yeovilton Air Day is just four days away and the skies above the base have been busy ahead of the event.

30 thousand people are expected at the Royal Naval Air Station on Saturday. Military aerobatic teams from all over the world will be taking part.

Cdr Neil Thompson, Commander Air at RNAS Yeovilton, is organising the day, which will reflect the country's newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, with a celebration of carrier aviation, past and present.

Inquest hears firefighters couldn't rescue soldiers

An inquest in Wiltshire has heard today that military firefighters were unable to rescue two sleeping soldiers from their tent, which caught fire at Camp Bastion.

Privates Rob Wood and Dean Hutchinson, who was based at Hulverton in Wiltshire, were sleeping in the Transport Troop office at the time.

The hearing was told there were delays in alerting emergency crews but they put the fire out in three minutes. It was only afterwards that they found the men were missing. The inquest continues.

Artillery round leaves 6 foot crater after flying off course

An investigation has been launched after an artillery round flew off course at army firing ranges in Wiltshire.

The round landed at Patney near Devizes approximately 5 miles from where it was originally launched.

It flew over two villages and exploded after landing in a farmer's field, leaving a hole around 6 feet in diameter and 2 feet deep.

We can confirm that during live firing on Salisbury Plain Training Area last week an artillery shell landed outside the range boundary. No one was injured and no property was damaged but all live firing has been suspended while this is investigated.**

– Army spokesman


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