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Minehead man jailed for attempting to rob pensioner

Geoffrey Biddulph Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

A man has been jailed for two years after attempting to rob an elderly woman in Minehead.

43-year-old Geoffrey Biddulph was convicted of attempted robbery and possession of a bladed article during an incident in December.

The court in Taunton heard he tried to grab an 82-year-old woman's handbag when she was returning from the bank after withdrawing money.

He was apprehended after being tackled by a member of the public.

Detective Constable Max Priestley said:

"Biddulph callously targeted an elderly woman as she was walking home from the bank. In my view, his actions were simply despicable."

"I know the victim is grateful for all the work which has gone into bringing him to justice and I hope she’s able to put the incident behind her now he’s behind bars."

– Detective Constable Max Priestley

Remember, remember your pets on 5th of November

Somerset vet offers tips to pet owners Credit: ITV News

A Somerset veterinary clinic if offering pet owners tips on helping their animals cope with the stress of bonfire night.

Nurses at the Somerset-based White Lodge Veterinary Clinic which have a clinic in Minehead say it’s important to ensure all animals are kept safe and happy during firework displays.

"Most importantly, keep your pet indoors. A frightened animal will often try to run away from the bangs and flashes and this can result in them becoming lost or involved in a road accident."

– Maggie Lewis, Companion Pet Practice Manager
  • Where you can, put the television or radio on to try and mute the sounds from outside
  • Close your curtains so bright flashes aren’t so obvious
  • If at all possible try to ignore your pet and any unusual behaviour
  • Be sympathetic but also be firm, not angry
  • Make sure you remain calm and don’t panic. Animals can pick up on agitation in humans and this will make them feel even more anxious. By staying in control, you are communicating to your pet that you are the pack leader and everything is safe. This is especially relevant to dogs


£800,000 of Cannabis seized in Minehead

£800,000 of Cannabis seized in Minehead Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Over £800,000 of cannabis has been seized in Minehead. Police discovered the cannabis factory on Alcombe Road after members of the public reported a strong smell of the drug.

Police say when they approached the property they saw a man jump out of a 1st floor window at the rear of the house. He was detained while a search of the house was carried out.

Officers found a significant amount of cannabis plants being grown, using hydroponic equipment, over three floors. They say some had been harvested and packed in preparation for sale. They also discovered that the electricity meter had been bypassed, and Western Power were called to make the property safe.

A 35 year-old Vietnamese national was arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis and various immigration offences and is currently in custody at Bridgwater.

This has been a significant seizure for this area. We have seen cannabis factories such as this in other areas of the force. The people who set-up and run these properties often use illegal immigrants as “gardeners” forcing them to live and work in awful conditions as modern slaves.

We won’t tolerate either drug dealing, drug production or indeed any kind of modern slavery that sees vulnerable people exploited through fear of deportation.

– PC Charlie Fitzpatrick, from Minehead Police Station

Beautiful pictures from extraordinary low tide at Minehead

Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough

The South West experienced extraordinary low tides this weekend.

Sea beds and river beds not previously seen before were exposed with remains of prehistoric bridges and other structures becoming visible.

These pictures were taken by Gaynor Gough in Minehead.

A medieval fish trap was exposed by the low tides Credit: Gaynor Gough
Credit: Gaynor Gough
Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough
Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough
Credit: Gaynor Gough

Sea life uncovered in Minehead in extraordinary low tide

Waters edge looking back to Minehead Credit: Jophie Bruford

We're experiencing extraordinary low tides this weekend. Sea beds and river beds not previously seen before are being exposed with remains of prehistoric bridges and other structures becoming visible.

These pictures were taken in Minehead.

Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Jophie Bruford
Minehead low tide Credit: Jophie Bruford

Police seek owner of a dog who bit a man in Somerset

Police in Minehead are requesting any information on the identity of a man and his dog involved in a bite attack which left another man and his dog needing medical attention.

It was reported as happening about 8am on Tuesday 30th December in Vennland Way.

A sandy coloured German Shepherd-type dog ran up and attacked a collie. He then also bit the owner when he tried to save his dog.

A man approached and dragged the dog away, but failed to identify himself.

The man being sought is described as white, clean shaven, about 60 years of age, about 5’7 to 5’8 and slightly overweight.

His dog appeared to be quite mature and probably nine or 10 years of age.

The owner of the attacked dog was also bitten Credit: Avon & Somerset Police


Candelight vigil for badgers in Minehead

Minehead protestors held vigil ahead of badger cull Credit: ITV Westcountry

Members of campaign group Somerset Badger Patrol held a candlelit vigil overnight in Minehead to mark the start of the cull.

The group are against the measure. They believe there is little proof that it will prevent the spread of bovine TB. The patrol urging the government to re-think its environmental policy around badgers.

Baby porpoise washed up on Minehead beach

Baby porpoise washed up on Minehead beach Credit: ITV News West Country

The Coastguard and Maritime Agency has collected the body of a baby porpoise which was washed up on Minehead beach. Around two hundred dead dolphins and porpoises are found dead on the south west coastline each year. Scientists are keen to find out what is causing the deaths.

The Agency believes most deaths occur after the animals are caught in giant seine nets used by French and Spanish trawlers.

Body of porpoise is recovered from Minehead beach Credit: ITV News West Country

Police order vehicles off the road in Minehead

Police in Minehead ordered eight faulty vehicles off the road during a day of checks on local taxis and young drivers.

The joint operation with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) was run in the town on May 24.

Young drivers were also stopped and examined by the VOSA experts to see if their vehicles conformed to traffic regulations.

A total of 23 cars were stopped and eight issued with prohibition orders, keeping them off the road for up to seven days. A number of vehicle defect tickets were also issued.

Sergeant Andy Whysall of Minehead Police Station said: “A number of those stopped believed their vehicles were roadworthy, but just because you have a valid MOT there is no guarantee that your vehicle has not developed a faulty since it was last tested."

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