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'Do it yourself flood bags' handed out to flood prone homes

Do it yourself flood bags handed out to flood prone homes Credit: ITV News

Volunteers have been giving out special flood packs to owners of flood prone homes on the Somerset Levels.

The packs include giant waterproof bags to protect belongings, do it yourself sand bags and were given out in Moorland and Burrowbridge.

They've been put together by The Somerset Emergency Volunteers to help prevent damage like what was seen in the floods 2 years ago.


Levels flood victim finally moves back home today

Bryony Sadler surveying the damage last winter. Credit: ITV News

Flood victim Bryony Sadler will finally move back into her house on the Somerset Levels today.

Bryony and her family were forced to leave their home in the flooded village of Moorland in February.

ITV will be following the family as they move back in - and we will bring you their story on our programme tonight at 6pm.

Family heartbreak at flooded home sale

A Somerset family say at least they'll be able to sleep at night after their flood hit home was sold at auction for around half its former value.

The bungalow and stables, set in 3 and a half acres at Moorland, need thorough refurbishment after weeks underwater. The property sold this morning for a £175,000.

Christine and Carroll Gray spoke to us after the auction this morning:


First church service held at Moorland since floods

First church service held at Moorland since floods Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A service is being held in a Somerset parish church for the first time since massive floods devastated the area. Hundreds of people are expected to gather in Moorland this afternoon to mark Easter Sunday. It's around 3 months since homes were flooded and for many the clean up continues.

Figures prove floods caused by bad river management say campaigners

Campaigners demanding long term dredging of the rivers on the Somerset levels say new rainfall figures prove their case.

A detailed breakdown of the winter's rainfall obtained by ITV News shows that just 2 inches more rain fell this year than the previous record year in 1995. That year there was far less flooding.

Campaigners say that's because back then the rivers had undergone some dredging. Here's our Somerset correspondent David Woodland.

Work to clear water from the Levels continues

Despite the dry weather over the weekend, pumps are still working to clear the excess water covering large parts of the Somerset Levels.

Campaigners demanding long term dredging of the rivers on the Somerset levels say this winter's rainfall was not exceptional and proves that a lack of dredging is the main cause of the exceptional floods.

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