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Hinkley Point C timeline

The Government announced in 2010 that Hinkley Point was one of 8 sites suitable for a new reactor. Then in 2011, EDF submitted a plan for development of a new reactor at the site, Hinkley Point C, and a new nuclear licence was awarded in 2012 - the first since 1987.

Protestors at Hinkley Point in 2012. Credit: PA

But since then the Government and EDF have been negotiating over the proposals, with a major sticking point being the guaranteed price paid for energy produced by the new reactor.

If the construction goes ahead the reactor could supply up to 7% of the country's energy needs.


New deal on Hinkley Point 'close'

Hinkley Point. Credit: PA

The Energy Secretary Ed Davey has hinted that a new deal to build a reactor at Hinkley Point is close. Speaking at the weekend he said that Britain's energy sector was set to benefit from billions of pounds of investment from the Far East.

Mr Davey said "The Chinese, along with the Japanese and the Koreans are very interested in the opportunities in the British nuclear sector. I think it is really possible we will see massive Chinese investment".

Recent reports have suggested that the Chinese are set to take a stake in the consortium seeking to build the new reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset

Deal signed for Oldbury nuclear power project

The Japenese company Hitachi has signed a deal to start building a nuclear reactor in Oldbury in South Gloucestershire. The controversial scheme had been in doubt when the previous owners pulled out.

But Hitachi says it could create six thousand construction jobs and a further thousand permament positions after that. The reactor could feed electricity into the national grid in about ten years' time. Bob Constantine reports.

Hitachi revives nuclear plans for Oldbury

The world's oldest operating nuclear power station shut down in February 2012 Credit: ITV West

Plans for a new nuclear plant at Oldbury in South Gloucestershire are back on track after the announcement that electronics firm Hitachi is taking over Horizon, the nuclear project behind them.

It will mean 5 to 6 thousand jobs during construction and a thousand permanent posts when the site starts operating early in the 2020s.

The former Oldbury plant reopened in 1967 and was site was decommissioned in February 2012.


New pylons could be used for Hinkley Point power line

Investigations are taking place to see if this pylon design could be used for carrying power from Hinkley Point Credit: Bystrup

The National Grid is testing new pylons to see if they could be used to take power from the proposed nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. There have been big protests against the prospect of giant structures across Somerset. It is hoped this shorter design, by a Danish firm, might be the answer.

The power line would link the proposed nuclear reactors to the National Grid at Avonmouth Credit: EDF Energy

National Grid is also looking in detail at the route planned between Hinkley Point and Avonmouth to see if the cable can be run underground at any point.

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