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Swindon doctors say donated organs are being lost because family refuse permission

Great Western Hospital, Swindon Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

It's National Transplant Week and doctors at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon are asking people on the organ donor register to make sure they tell their loved ones.

They say a large number of organs are lost because families refuse permission as they aren't aware of the decision. There are around 60 people waiting for transplants in the Swindon area.


Organ recipient meets donor family

A remarkable meeting has taken place between a Bristol student, who underwent a life-saving heart transplant a year ago, and the father of his donor.

Will Pope would have died without the operation.

It was only possible because the family of 20 year old Tom Ince, also from Bristol, allowed his organs to be used after he died in a car crash.

It's believed to be the first time such a meeting has been filmed.

Will Pope meets the father of his heart transplant donor

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FROM THE HEART: transplants transform young lives

ITV is running its From the Heart Campaign all this week, to raise awareness of organ donation. This report features two young people: Will Pope, who's recovering from a heart transplant, and Stacie Pridden, who's still waiting for her call to come.

If you would like more information on organ donation and the campaign, or to see more uplifting stories, visit its main webpage.