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Soots you sir! Help for owl stuck in chimney

Secret World Animal Rescue based at East Huntspill in Somerset have taken in a barn owl that was rescued from a chimney.

It is clearly in good hands but we hope this doesn't happen very often.

  1. John Andrews

Rat poisons are killing Barn Owls

The Barn Owl Trust has started a national campaign to control rat poisons, which are killing birds leading to a serious decline in their numbers. The owls are eating mice and voles which have been contaminated, which in turn leads to a slow and painful death for the birds too.

VIDEO: Owl makes friends with a mop

They make an unlikely pairing but staff at the Screech Owl Sanctuary in Newquay have found that one of their young charges is fascinated by their kitchen mop.

Lightning, a Eastern Siberian Eagle Owl, is only three months old so still has its baby feathers. It does make it look somewhat mop-like.

Every time workers get the mop out, Lightning hops out of its cage and follows it around - clearly more a hindrance than a help to the cleaning process.

Here's a chance to see the "best friends" in action.