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People's Millions shortlist revealed

The People's Millions wants to support projects that make a difference in their community Credit: People's Millions

The shortlist of projects selected for this year's People's Millions campaign has been announced.

On 24 November, voting will begin in the Westcountry region. For three nights you will have the chance have your say on who wins up to £50,000 of National Lottery money. The Big Lottery Fund will also consider a grant of up to £50,000 for the runner up in the Westcountry region with the largest number of votes.

The People’s Millions is a long-running collaboration between ITV and the Big Lottery Fund. We want to help projects that capture the public’s imagination, inspire local people to get involved and make a lasting difference to those in their area through improvements to the neighbourhood.

You can see the shortlist for our region here.

Last chance to apply for People's Millions grants

The deadline for applications for this year's People's Millions is noon tomorrow, Friday 16 May.

We've been back to one of last year's winners who used their grant of up to £50,000 to restore a bridleway in the Forest of Dean. Imagine what a difference that money could make to your project. Here's Ken Goodwin.

Click here to find out how to apply for The People's Millions


Could £50k make a difference to your community?

Could £50,000 make a difference to your community? Well, ITV's People's Millions has helped projects across the country with cash grants of more than £30 million over the last nine years.

Our reporter Jacquie Bird has been to officially open a new cafe in Lacock in Wiltshire which has been funded by People's Millions.

Help your community with £50k from the People's Millions

It's that time of the year when we ask you to put on your thinking caps to consider how £50,000 could make your community better. It's time to apply for People's Millions.

Over the last nine years ITV working with the Big Lottery Fund has given more than £31 million of money raised by the National Lottery for good causes to community projects around the country. Jacquie Bird as been to meet one of the winners from last year to find out how they're getting on.