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Wiltshire foots the larges bill for potholes

Potholes cost Wiltshire £120,000 last year Credit: ITV West

According to the RAC, £190,000 was paid out in compensation for damage caused by potholes in the West Country last year.

They say over five hundred motorists made successful claims.

Wiltshire saw the biggest number with 433 claimants, costing the authority more than a £120,000.

We'd like to see more money being put into the road network by central government. This is a vital part of our infrastructure and we need to look after it. After the war there were two million cars on the road, now there are nine million cars. Road capacity hasn't increased anything like that. We need to recognise how busy our roads are and we need to fund them properly.

– Philip Gomm, RAC Spokesperson

Millions to be poured into potholes

The never-ending task of tackling potholes Credit: ITV News

£847m will be spent repairing the South West's local roads and their potholes over the next six years.

That's according to the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, who is making the announcement today. The money would be enough to mend 2.7m potholes across the region.


Council pothole funding allocated

Councils must publish monthly updates on how many repairs have been carried out Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Details of how 168 million pounds of pothole funding has been allocated to councils have been released by the government. The money has been divided between 148 authorities to repair around three million potholes by March next year.

Find out whether your council has received any money and how much using this interactive map.


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Pothole claims soar after severe winter

The average bill for pothole damage now runs at £247 Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The number of motorists demanding compensation for cars damaged by potholes has gone through the roof.

Wet weather caused chaos on the region's roads with councils struggling to cope with the number of claims from frustrated owners.

Potholes are currently costing British motorists an estimated £730 million per year.

It only costs £52 to repair the average pothole, although some bills for damage caused by potholes are coming out at 50 times this cost.

Somerset County Council was the worst hit, with figures showing there were 204 claims lodged in January and February.

Pothole compensation claims soar

The number of car owners claiming compensation for pothole damage has risen dramatically because of the bad weather. Somerset County Council is the worst hit, with two hundred and four claims lodged in January and February.

Somerset County Council is facing 204 claims Credit: ITV News West Country

That's a 7 hundred and fifty percent increase on November and December. A new sign warning motorists about damaged roads is being unveiled today.

Motorists claims over potholes on the rise

When Christie Councer was driving to work, the last thing she expected was that her car would be written off when she hit a pothole. The hairdresser from Stroud is one of the growing number of angry motorists whose vehicles have been damaged.

Today a survey was published revealing that the cost of repairing potholes in the region has risen to a staggering £133 million.

Ken Goodwin reports:-

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