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Postal strike in Weston-super-Mare to go ahead

Members of the Communication Workers Union based at Weston-super-Mare's Warne Road postal depot have voted to strike on Thursday 12th September.

They said it was in an ongoing dispute about the length of deliveries and disciplinary action that had been threatened against a number of workers.

This is in addition to a strike on August 17th and will affect postal deliveries in BS22, BS23 and BS24 postcode areas.

CWU Area Official Rob Wotherspoon said “We have made offers to resolve the disagreement but there is a question mark about whether the managers we are meeting have the authority to make the decisions that will prevent further conflict."


Further strike action is not being ruled out'

The agreement achieves both of our key aims: to enforce all national agreements and to resolve the many local issues. This has been made possible by the outstanding level of support shown by CWU members to their Union. This clearly shows that workers standing together can achieve results. We hope that it sends a strong signal both within our own Union and others"

– Chris Webb, CWU Divisional Representative.

Royal Mail workers' dispute meeting postponed

Postal workers at the Weston-super-Mare depot will have a meeting on Thursday instead Credit: ITV Westcountry

A meeting of postal workers that was scheduled for today has been moved to Thursday.

Staff at the Weston super Mare depot are to decide the next steps in an ongoing dispute.

Royal Mail employees have already taken action over their claims of overloaded deliveries and bullying.

Postal workers to decide next move

Postmen and women will meet on August 27th to decide their next move in the ongoing dispute between them and Royal Mail bosses.

Staff who are members of the Communication Workers Union held at strike at the weekend, about overloaded deliveries and allegations of bullying and harassment from managers.

Postal workers in Weston have made it clear they will not tolerate the current management approach. We will be meeting our members next Tuesday in order to agree the next course of action.

Royal Mail will be given every opportunity and a reasonable amount of time to resolve this dispute in a sensible and mature manner. If this is not the case then further strike action cannot be ruled out at Weston”.

– David Wilshire, Communications Workers Union Bristol Area Official.


Postal workers on strike

Postal workers in parts of Somerset are on strike tomorrow. The action in Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare isn't linked but, in both cases, staff say they've been set impossible targets by managers and are then unfairly penalised when they fail.

The Communication Workers Union claims managers don't recognise their mistakes. But the Royal Mail says it isn't asking workers in Somerset to do more than staff in other parts of the country. David Woodland reports.

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