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Your views: should people be fined for feeding seagulls?

East Devon Council are proposing to ban the feeding of seagulls on or near the town's beaches.

If approved they could be one of the first councils in the UK to impose fines for those caught giving food to the birds.

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Leave them alone, we are the reason they are forced to seek food inshore because we have decimated the fish stocks. Another beautiful and majestic creature to be persecuted by man.

– Richard Huggins, Facebook

This won't make any difference...the gulls will still be there, eating all the food people can't be bothered to put in bins once they've had their fill.

The council should fine folks who drop food in the street, not folks who feed these lovely creatures.

– Tony Moss, Facebook

Stopping feeding them will make them more aggressive and more likely to snatch food from peoples hands. They are a menace.

– Natasha Snell, Facebook

A big fat YES from me, but who would police it?

– Julie Hiscoke, Facebook

Yes, they don't need encouraging - they belong on the coast, not in towns where they are blocking people's chimneys and gas terminals.

– Mike Glover, Facebook



Cornish councillor dresses up as seagull

Top of the pecking order: Helston Councillor John Boase Credit: ITV West Country

A Cornwall councillor has been dressing up as a seagull as part of a new campaign against litter. Councillor John Boase joined other members of Helston Town Council to promote seagull-proof sacks. It's hoped residents will use them to prevent the birds from tearing apart bin bags.

Please do not feed the councillor. John Boase gets into the role of marauding seagull. Credit: ITV West Country

"What happens is people put their rubbish out the night before the binmen come and so the seagulls have got plenty of time to play with it. I'm sure the people aren't doing it out of any inconsiderateness, they're just not realising it. So we thought we could publicise it with a fun event"

– Cllr Martine Knight, Helston Town Council
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