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Flamingos put on a show at Slimbridge

Slimbridge Wetland Centre's flamingos put on a show for tourists this week by performing their 'courtship dance'.

Chris Higgins took the footage as he visited the wildlife haven, with his son, from Kent. The synchronised movements help the birds decide who to mate with.

The Wildlife and Wetland centre's flock is the largest in the UK.

Missing crane chick feared dead

The chick is believed to have perished Credit: ITV News

A chick which wildlife experts hoped would be the first wild crane to survive in western England for 400 years has disappeared from Gloucestershire.

Conservationists said the chick had vanished from sight at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre reserve and, as there were many risks to a young bird, they were assuming it had died.

Its parents Chris and Monty were hand-reared as part of the Great Crane Project project to reintroduce cranes to western England, and experts said they were "gutted" the chick had died.


Harvest mice arrive early in Gloucestershire

The mild winter has led to some early arrivals in Gloucestershire.

A litter of seven harvest mice was born at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust near Slimbridge earlier this month.

The mice, which are the smallest species of British rodent, are part of the Back From The Brink collection at WWT Slimbridge, which highlights wetland mammals that have been threatened with extinction in the wild.

As the winter has been quite a warm one, they have arrived earlier than expected - normally we wouldn't expect to see them until at least February.

They are growing quickly but even as a fully grown adult they are very small. Visitors enjoy spotting them in their exhibit at Back From The Brink.

They can use their tails to grab branches so they look very acrobatic when they move around.

– John Crooks, Mammal Manager at WWT Slimbridge

Little mouse facts:

  • At birth harvest mice are the size of a baked bean
  • At around a month old baby mice have grown to half their adult size
  • When fully gown Harvest mice are still only 7cm long and weight the same as a 2p coin
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