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Campaigners label Bristol's smoke free zones as 'creeping prohibition'

Campaigners from smokers' group Forest have criticised the ban as an example of "creeping prohibition".

Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places. Now campaigners want to ban it outside. This is creeping prohibition. Extending public smoking bans to outdoor areas is illiberal and unwarranted. Smoking in the open air harms no-one apart, perhaps, from the consumer - and that's their choice.

– Simon Clark, Director of Forest
Bristol is the UK's first to pilot smoke free zones Credit: ITV News

Cities including New York, Toronto and Hong Kong have already banned smoking in key outdoor locations but Bristol is the UK's first to pilot smoke free zones.

Millennium and Anchor Squares are home to the At-Bristol science museum, shops and restaurants, and are well-used play spaces for children.

Parts of Bristol become smoke-free today

A voluntary smoking ban starts in Millennium Square today Credit: ITV News

Two squares in Bristol will become the first major public outdoor spaces in UK to go smoke-free.

From today a voluntary smoking ban will be in place in Millennium Square and Anchor Square. The area is home to the At-Bristol science museum and often hosts festivals and other family friendly events.

The project is part of the Smokefree South West campaign.


Anti-smoking campaign "Stoptober" to return

Smokefree South West hopes more people will give up this "Stoptober" Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

It's been announced that a whole month dedicated getting people to give up smoking will return for another year.

Last year October became Stoptober and 160,000 people quit smoking nationally as a result.

The health bodies behind it, including Smokefree South West, say that, if people can stop smoking for 28 days, they are five times more likely to stay smokefree.

They also say it will add up to seven days to their lives.

Bath sisters warn against smoking

Two sisters from Bath, Sylvia and Pat, are warning against smoking after seeing the damage it caused to each other.

It comes as a new hard-hitting advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness of the fifth biggest killer in Britain has been released today.

Smoke free South West say 90,000 people in the region currently suffer from Chronic Pulmonary disease but another 55,000 might not know they even have it. The charity hopes the advert will change that.

Campaign highlights lung disease dangers

The campaign aims to encourage people to quit Credit: ITV West

The anti-smoking group, Smokefree South West has begun a hard-hitting advertising campaign to get people to give up. It's being backed by sisters Sylvia Beever and Pat Bayley from Bath.

They were both smokers but Pat quit when her sister fell seriously ill with chronic lung disease. There are 90 thousand people in the region being treated for the condition but it's believed that there are another 55 thousand who are ignoring the symptoms.