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Your views: proposal to reduce bin collections in Somerset

People living in Somerset could move to a three-weekly bin collection service next year - in a bid to try to encourage residents to recycle more and save about £1.7 million.

At the moment, non-recyclable waste in the region is collected every fortnight.

It's certainly something that has got viewers talking on our social media pages:

If they did that I'd need a bin twice the size. Plus I live next to a river and they are not thinking about the rats / mice / maggots and flies and the stink that might come in the summer.

– Steve Gill, Facebook

People with more than two bins per household overfill their bins on a two weekly collection, so going three weekly will just mean a lot more bags out to compensate ...

– Steve Burnard

Several viewers wondered whether the reduced collections might also lead to a cut in council tax.

Presumably it will reflect in a reduction in our council tax for the reduced service that we are paying for?

– Tony Haywood

But not everyone disagreed with the proposal:

But aren't they going to be able to recycle more items? So that lets them put less in the black bin...

– Lorraine Johnson



West police force investigates historic sexual abuse in football

Avon and Somerset Police has confirmed that it is investigating allegations of historic sexual abuse in football.

Forces across the country are investigating sexual abuse in football Credit: PA

Following the recent extensive media coverage about allegations of non-recent sexual abuse in football, we’ve received calls from members of the public providing us with information.

All information received will be thoroughly investigated.

We always encourage any victims of sexual abuse, no matter how long ago offences were committed, to come forward and speak to us.

– Avon & Somerset Police
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