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Four bailed in Shaun James murder case

Shaun James was 32 when he was run over in Steam Mills Road in Cinderford on the evening of December 15 2002. Credit: Family

Four men arrested in connection with the murder of a man in Cinderford 12 years ago have been released on bail.

Shaun James was run over in December 2002. Police who investigated the case at the time believed the incident was a hit-and-run, but it has since been reclassified as a murder. Two men arrested on Thursday, and a further two arrested on Friday - all from Gloucestershire - have been released on bail until May.

Funeral of mother stabbed to death protecting her children takes place

Lisa Winn was stabbed to death in her home Credit: Family

The funeral of a mum-of-five stabbed to death while trying to protect her children has taken place today.

Lisa Winn was found dead at her home in Glastonbury on February 26.

50-year-old Neil Winn was arrested the same day and charged with her murder. He has appeared at Exeter Crown Court where he was remanded in custody. He will enter a plea at Bristol Crown on June 22.

Mum was a caring, loving, beautiful and brave person. She loved us all, always putting us first and before herself.

And tragically, she lost her life while trying to protect us.

Today, we said our final goodbye and we now appeal to you to respect our privacy and allow us to grieve in peace.

– Lisa's five children

Driver to compensate man who jumped out of his moving taxi

A Bath man who suffered severe brain damage after jumping out of a moving taxi will receive damages from the cabbie who "abducted" him.

Kristopher Hicks leapt from the vehicle after believing he was being held against his will. London's High Court heard driver Michael Young, who was travelling at more than 20mph, formed the view Kristopher and his girlfriend, were not going to pay the fare, and had instead planned to "do a runner".

Kristopher Hicks suffered severe brain damage after jumping out of a moving taxi Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

To teach the couple a lesson he decided to drive them back to the taxi rank, causing them as much inconvenience as he could.

Mr Justice Edis said there was no basis for Michael's belief and Kristopher, who found himself being driven off by a stranger, decided to escape.

The end result is that the claimant decided to jump out of the taxi at a dangerous speed. I do not know why he did this.

It may have been that he misjudged the speed and thought it was safe to do so, but the true motive will never be known.

– Mr Justice Edis

He said Kristopher was driven away from his home unlawfully for about three-quarters of a mile which, taken on its own, would be an irritating and unsettling incident, but not one with serious consequences.

Kristopher has never been able to speak to anyone about the incident after a night out in the city in November 2010, when he was 23.

Both sides were given permission to appeal.

The full story - survivor tells of the Bath tipper truck crash

A pregnant woman who suffered serious injuries during the tipper truck crash in Bath which killed four people, has spoken of the moment she knew she was going to be hit.

Karla Brennan was about to collect her son from the nearby All Saints Primary when the truck crashed into her and is now calling for a total ban on lorries near schools.

Jonty Messer reports.


Two more arrested in Shaun James murder case

Shaun James died in 2002

Two more men have been arrested in connection with the death of Shaun James in 2002.

A 53-year-old, from Cheltenham, and a 46-year-old from Cinderford, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and currently remain in custody.

They join two Cinderford men, aged 63 and 51, who were arrested and bailed yesterday on the same charges.

Tipper truck crash survivor calls for ban on lorries near schools

In February a tipper truck lost control down Lansdown Lane in Bath and killed four people Credit: ITV News

A woman who survived the tipper truck crash that killed four people in Bath is calling for a total ban on lorries near schools.

Karla Brennan was seriously injured when her car was hit by the truck as it careered down the steep hill near Weston All Saints Primary School in February.

Karla Brennan Credit: ITV News

If not a complete ban on HGVs using that road then certainly a ban on using it at school drop off and collection times - if that could be reflected nationwide that would be fantastic ".

– Karla Brennan
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