Anni Dewanis family

Extradition temporarily halted

The High Court has temporarily halted British businessman Shrien Dewani's extradition to South Africa on mental health grounds.

Shrien Dewani and Anni

Shrien Dewani due at High Court

Shrien Dewani, accused of arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon, is due to find out whether he is due to be extradited later.

Dewani CCTV

Dewani footage to be shown on TV

CCTV footage which allegedly shows Shrien Dewani paying a taxi driver for organising his wife's death is to be shown on television tonight.

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Anni's family speak out


Anni Dewani family reaction "it would be oppressive to send him back if his health is not good."


Anni Dewani family "..but we are glad the court has rejected his appeal on the grounds of human rights."


Dewani family "there has been a lot of delays and it's very painful for us. We just want Shrien to get better so he can go to SA"


Dewani family statement

The Dewani family are grateful that the High Court has upheld the appeal and blocked any attempt to extradite Shrien to South Africa now.

Shrien is innocent and is determined to return to South Africa to clear his name and seek justice for his wife Anni

The High Court has confirmed that extradition now would be “unjust and oppressive”. Shrien can only return to South Africa when he is well enough and when his personal safety can be guaranteed.

The matter is still before the Courts and so it would be inappropriate to comment further.


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