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Residents ask for parking restrictions around Southmead Hospital

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson is being urged to introduce parking restrictions on streets surrounding Southmead Hospital

following complaints staff are clogging them up with their cars. The owner of this mobile catering van says her takings are down by half because customers have nowhere to stop.

Southmead Hospital say they're taking measures to ease parking problems

Southmead Hospital say there are measures in place to ease parking problems in the areas surrounding the hospital.

They say the next stage of the Southmead development is to demolish the old buildings, which will make way for a new multi-storey car park for patients and visitors. The existing multi-storey car park will also then be used for staff parking. This will bring the number of spaces on site to 2,700.

We do provide parking for our staff but we regularly remind those that park on the roads around the hospital that they must do so legally, responsibly and courteously.

As an NHS trust we do not have any jurisdiction over parking on the public highway and if cars are parked illegally then we would urge residents to contact the relevant authorities who are able to take action.

The trust gives support for those staff that want, or are prepared to try, alternative ways to get to work and we have seen a steady increase in those choosing to cycle, walk or use public transport.

This includes £1.5million over the next three years to support additional bus services to the hospital.

The number of staff riding their bike to work since the move to Southmead has increased so much that we have had to invest in more cycle storage facilities on site.

Travel roadshows are regularly held to help staff consider alternatives to driving to work, including lift sharing, trying out electric bikes and free cycle training.

– Southmead Hospital


Business owner affected by lack of parking at Southmead Hospital

Elizabeth Pile, owner of Horfield business Lizzie's Kitchen Credit: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

A mobile cafe owner based in Horfield says she is struggling to access her pitch in the mornings because hospital staff are having to park on residential streets.

Elizabeth Pile, owner of Lizzie's Kitchen, says she is having to get up at 4am to access her pitch before hospital shift workers arrive, and is losing business because customers can't park in the surrounding area.

Horfield business Lizzie's Kitchen is losing trade due to a lack of available street parking in the area Credit: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

A lack of on-site car parking provision at the new £430 million Southmead Hospital has resulted in patients, staff and visitors resorting to use the already crowded nearby residential streets.

Conservative Councillor for Horfield Claire Hiscott is now calling on the Mayor to take urgent action to resolve the parking free-for-all which she says is causing stress and tension levels to rise in her ward.

I was amazed to learn from Council Officials that there appears to be no means of helping this small business even to protect the space from which it is supposed to trade.

Lizzie's Kitchen is an established feature on Horfield Common and I would be dismayed if it was forced to go under due to no fault of her own.

The financial hit she is taking is directly attributable to the failure to properly plan for car parking at the hospital or do anything practical about its aftermath. Therefore, I think there is at least a moral obligation on the Authority to provide Lizzie with some licence fee reduction.

I fear only the intervention of the Mayor can help now to save this well-loved local enterprise from going out of business.

What was once a thriving, buzzing part of Horfield now resembles something of a ghost town.

Unless simple parking restrictions are urgently introduced here, we will lose a popular roadside café and see the children's play park remain virtually abandoned.

– Cllr Claire Hiscott

Residents upset about lack of parking at new hospital

A lack of parking at Southmead Hospital is causing problems in the neighbourhood Credit: ITV News

A councillor for North Bristol says a lack of adequate parking spaces at Southmead Hospital is causing problems in surrounding areas.

Businesses in nearby Horfield say cars are being left on residential streets causing problems for traders.

Councillor Claire Hiscott wants the city's Mayor George Ferguson to step in to resolve issues on the site.

New breast care centre for Bristol's Southmead Hospital

A new breast cancer centre has opened at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

It'll serve patients all over the city, as well as South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Services for diagnosis and treatment are under one roof for the first time. and the building has been designed with an emphasis on privacy.


NHS criticised for spending quarter of a million on clock

NHS managers have been criticised for spending a quarter of a million pounds on a clock at a hospital in Bristol. It doubles as an art installation - and hangs inside the new multi-million pound building at Southmead.

It shows the time by illuminating a series of rings and bars, but many people have told us it's too complicated to read. The NHS Trust says art can help with patients recovery, but the local MP has today said it's a waste of money. Our Health Correspondant Katie Rowlett reports.

North Bristol NHS Trust says it has now responded to Charlotte Leslie's concerns.

Southmead hospital criticised for expensive clock

NHS managers have been criticised for spending £250,000 on an art installation that doubles up as a clock at a Bristol Hospital.

The complicated light sculpture hangs inside the new multi million pound building at Southmead, which opened last week. The binary clock shows the time through an unusual display of illuminated rings and bars, which represent specific hours and minutes. But there is no explanation of how to read it.

New "super" hospital defends itself against critics

Bristol's new £430 million hospital at Southmead is now officially open. As well as combining specialist medical services on one site, it also contains the regional trauma centre and adult burns unit.

However, the move, which has been happening over the past month, hasn't got off to the best start with 180 operations being postponed because of a faulty air handling system. There's also continued criticism over the number of parking spaces on site. Our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett reports.

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