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Stunning picture of the moon at Stonehenge

The moon seen through Stonehenge Credit: Tim Daw

While the summer solstice may be all about the sun, the moon has been making its presence felt this year.

This stunning photo was taken at Stonehenge last night by Tim Daw of All Cannings near Devizes. It shows the nearly full moon viewed through two of the stones. The pink colour is caused by the refraction of the light through the earth's atmosphere.

The full moon should be even more spectacular tonight, the night of the Solstice, provided there's no cloud about.



  1. Lucy Verasamy
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Plenty of sunshine for the summer solstice

Plenty of sunshine for the longest day of the year - just a little cloud around but staying bright.

The cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland will break up to leave a better afternoon.

In the sunshine it'll be 19-20C in the north, 25C in the south, so a little warmer than of late - but cooler by the coasts.

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