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Avebury gets ready for the solstice

Every year, people gather at the prehistoric stone circle at Avebury to see in the solstice Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

It's the summer solstice on Saturday and campers will start arriving today at Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. The National Trust has set space aside for 100 tents for people wanting to mark the pagan festival. The solstice marks the longest day of the year.

London's take on Stonehenge for the summer solstice

Citihenge, based on Stonehenge, is a giant sculpture made from scrap cars Credit: ITN

While thousands descended on Stonehenge in Wiltshire for the annual summer solstice, visitors to London can now visit an alternative version of the ancient monument.

Citihenge is a giant sculpture by Tommy Gun made from scrap cars.

For a full report, visit our ITV London site.

Twenty arrests at Stonehenge

Around 14,500 people attended the summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge overnight.

Wiltshire Police made 20 arrests for theft, drugs or alcohol related offences. There were also 101 street cautions issued for possession of cannabis.

Solstice 2012 has been a positive experience for the majority of visitors. Despite the rain there were approximately 14,500 people who came to enjoy the celebrations. Our aim was to make sure that everybody had a safe and enjoyable evening which, along with our partners, we achieved.

As with every year, sadly there was a small minority who were determined to disregard the law. These people were dealt with robustly and there were 20 arrests throughout the night.

We would like to thank of all our partners for yet another successful event.

– Supt Matt Pullen, Wiltshire Police



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