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Is missing Robert Makgill in Swindon? Police are trying to find the West's "other missing DJ"

DJ Robert Makgill has been missing since July 8th Credit: ITV News

Police searching for the West's 'other missing DJ' – Robert Makgill – say he may be in Swindon.

The 45-year-old works as an interior designer, but is better known as a DJ on the West Country music scene, going under the name 'DJ Dazzler'. He hasn't been seen by his family since July 8, just a couple of days before the last sighting of Bristol DJ Derek Serpell-Morris.

Police believe he could have been in Swindon as recently as ten days ago.

"Since our initial appeal, we have had several reported sightings of Robert in the Wiltshire area. Specifically, we've had information to suggest he may have been in the Swindon town centre area last Friday, August 14."

– Wiltshire Police

Police say since Robert was reported missing they have followed up more than 350 leads. His family have set up a Facebook appeal to try to locate him.

Swindon crop circle has raised more than £5,000

It has been likened to the Egyptian Sun God Horus on social media.

A bird-like crop circle which appeared in a wheat field near Swindon, has helped to raise more than £5,000 so far for the Great Western Hospital.

Walkers are being asked to donate £3 to see it with the money hoping to fund a new radiotherapy unit at the hospital.

The unexplained formation appeared at Weir Farm, which is owned by farmer James Hussey, who lost his wife Gill to cancer last year.

Mr Hussey has teamed up with crop circle researcher Paul Jacobs to offer passers-by the chance to learn more about it.

It's absolutely fantastic what James and Paul are doing for our Radiotherapy Appeal – I have been up to see the crop circle and it really is very impressive.

This is another brilliant example of an innovative way to raise money being used to help bring life-saving treatment to Swindon.

– Jennifer Green, Brighter Futures


Bird-like crop circle appears in Swindon

Bird-like crop circle has appeared in a field in Swindon.

A bird-like crop circle has appeared in a wheat field near Swindon.

But this is not your usual crop circle, it's being used to raise money for the towns Great Western Hospital.

People are being asked to donate £3 to see it with the money hoping to fund a new radiotherapy unit at the hospital.

Who is this cat who hitchhiked from Cheltenham to Swindon?

Chrissie the hitchhiking cat Credit: Drove Vets

Chrissie the cat made an epic trip from Gloucestershire to Wiltshire last week.

Named after the patron saint of travel St Christopher the moggy made a 31 mile trip from Cheltenham to Swindon after climbing into the back of a car.

The lady (who wishes to remain anonymous and uncontactable) opened her boot upon returning to Swindon to find Chrissie. The lady had made several stops within Cheltenham and the cat could have jumped in at any point.

Chrissie is now being looked after by the Drove Veterinary Hospital in Swindon who are trying to track down her owner.

She isn’t microchipped so the vets are asking for anyone who recognises Chrissie to get in touch.

Swindon cat found with knife in its back finds new home

Minus a few of her nine lives Misty the cat has now been re-homed. Credit: SWNS

A cat from Swindon who was found with a nine inch knife it its back has found a loving new home with a Police worker.

Misty was found in Spindle Tree Court, with a blade through her shoulder last month and was taken to a nearby vets in Wiltshire.

Whilst Wiltshire Police continue to investigate the incident, the cat has found a loving new home with control room worker Laura Bellis.

We see some pretty horrible things in there but this touched a nerve. When I saw the photos I was horrified.

I was quite nervous when we got her home but it shows how strong and how resilient she is that she's come this far and survived.

She settled in straight away. It's like she's finally found her home.

– Laura Bellis, Misty's new owner

The black and white cat is now free from all bandages and stitches and is settling into her new life with Laura.

Vet Emma Burns, who cared for Misty when she was first taken in, says the team are delighted she has been happily re-homed.


Swindon man sent to secure hospital for killing his parents

Timothy Crook was convicted of killing his parents. Credit: Wiltshire Police

A paranoid schizophrenic who "brutally" killed his elderly parents has been sentenced to life in a secure hospital.

51-year-old Timothy Crook is believed to have attacked his parents Robert Crook, 83, and Elsie Crook, 76, in the bedroom of their home in Swindon in 2007, strangling them with a belt and bludgeoning them with a hammer.

After the killings Crook put his parents' bodies in the back of their car, drove them 150 miles to a house he owned in Lincoln, and dumped them under wheelie bins.

He was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility by a jury at Bristol Crown Court earlier this month.

Today a judge sentenced the former Ministry of Defence employee to a minimum life term of 16 years. The eight years he has already served in custody count towards this time.

Psychiatric patient convicted of killing his parents to be sentenced

Timothy Crook was convicted of killing his parents. Credit: Wiltshire Police

A man from Swindon who killed his parents in 2007 will be sentenced later today.

A jury found Timothy Crook guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility last week.

The 50-year-old denied killing Bob and Elsie Crook, whose bodies were found under wheelie bins at a house he owned in Lincoln.

Elderly woman dies after crash on M4

Elderly woman dies after crash on M4

A 97 year-old woman has died after a crash on the M4 and two others have suffered life changing injuries.

Two cars were involved in the collision which happened early this morning.

Police say one car span off the carriageway after passing Junction 15 by Swindon. It then came to rest in the centre lane where it was hit by another vehicle.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

Parents pleaded in vain for help for mentally ill son

Timothy Crook's parents, Bob and Elsie Crook

Bristol Crown Court heard that for years, his parents, Bob and Elsie Crook, pleaded with the mental health services to help him. But he refused to engage with them and they refused to intervene.

Timothy Crook had a long history of mental illness. In 2002, he was diagnosed as delusional and schizophrenic. A doctor described him as 'a bomb waiting to go off.' He was sectioned but successfully appealed the order and went back to live with his mother and father in Swindon - where in 2007 he battered them to death.

Bob and Elsie Crook were a well known couple in Swindon. They ran a weekly dance club. But when they failed to show for the first time, friends became suspicious and called the police. What detectives discovered was the horrific end of a brutal attack.

Ch Insp Deb Smith from Wiltshire Police described what happened.

It has taken eight years for the case to reach trial as Timothy Crook has been too unwell to enter a plea.

Timothy Crook was found not guilty of his murdering his parents but was found guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility.

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership says the deaths of Mr and Mrs Crook has influenced the way their work.

You can read its statement here.

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