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Mum may sue after son sleeps for up to 19 hours

Seven-year-old Joshua Hadfield can sleep for up to 19 hours a day Credit: ITV News West Country

A mother from Somerset is considering suing the government after her son developed narcolepsy from an injection.

Seven-year-old Joshua Hadfield had a swine flu vaccination three years ago and now falls asleep at any time. New research has proved the injection can cause the condition in children

Mother threatening to sue after swine flu jab

Caroline Hadfield believes her son developed narcolepsy after having the swine flu jab. Credit: Fred Lancelot/ABACAPRESS.COM

A mother from Somerset is threatening to sue the government after new figures show a link between the swine flu jab and Narcolepsy.

Caroline Hadfield says her son Josh, 4, developed the condition within three months of the injection. She says he was a perfectly healthy and energetic child before the vaccination but now sleeps for 19 hours a day.