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Family await news of missing Bristol teenager

The family of a missing girl from Bristol believed to be heading to join extremists in Syria are still waiting for news.

The 15-year-old is thought to have met up with a 17-year-old girl from London and headed to Turkey, where they are trying to cross the border into Syria. The teenager vanished from home last week amid fears she's been radicalised.

Family say they have "lost a daughter" and "she is in danger"

A spokeswoman for the family of the 15 year old Bristol schoolgirl who is thought to be heading for Syria has said they have 'lost a daughter' and believe she is 'in danger'.

Anira Khokhar addressed a gathering of reporters and cameramen in the girl's home district of Easton.


Neighbour says missing girl had "sadness in her face"

A neighbour of the missing teenage girl from Bristol who is thought to be heading for Syria says she thought the girl looked sad recently.

"A few days ago I came out of my house and she just came out of her house and I could see that she had a sadness on her face.

"I said 'are you alright?' and she would always answer me with a smile but she just did this [put her hand up]. I was thinking 'what's happened to her?' I didn't know."

– A neighbour of missing girl

Speaking about the suspicions she may have been radicalised and recruited to fight in Syria, she said:

"These people must have really got through to her.

"She always had a smile on her face. I'm shocked this has happened. She is a very good girl. "I'm shocked about her going to fight a war at 15. She still goes to school.

– Neighbour

Classmates of Bristol teen are shocked at her disappearance

Friends of the Bristol teenager who is believed to be heading for Syria have been talking about their shock at her disappearance.

Pupils outside The City Academy in Easton, Bristol, said the girl had not seemed any different when they last saw her.

"She is a good friend. I have no idea what made her leave.

"I think the police have asked one of her friends to text her to see where she is. She is a really nice girl."

– a 14 year old friend

"I was sat next to her and she seemed fine,"

"She didn't have any new friends that we knew about, and she was a completely normal girl."

– 15 year old classmate
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British teen 'probably believes she will be a jihadi bride'

The British teen who is believed to be travelling to Syria will probably "become a jihadi bride," according to a radicalisation expert.

Haras Rafiq from the counter-extremism think tank, the Quilliam Foundation told Good Morning Britain: "It's more than likely that she will go and become a jihadi bride. She, at the age of 15, will marry someone she considers to be a holy warrior."


Family plead with teenager to return home

Avon and Somerset police fear a schoolgirl missing from Easton in Bristol may be attempting to get to Syria after becoming radicalised. The 15-year-old Somalian, who hasn't been named, has been tracked by police and is believed to be in Turkey. Officers are now keen to stop her before she crosses the border into Syria. Hibaq Jama, a councillor for the Lawrence Hill area of Bristol has been with the girl's family tonight and made this statement:

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Family of missing Bristol teen urge her to come home

The family of a 15-year-old girl who is believed to be attempoting to travel to Syria, have urged her to return home to Bristol.

A spokeswoman, Hibaq Jama, read this message on behalf of the family:

Please come back, we miss you very much. You are not in any trouble. We just want you to be safe and to come home as soon as possible.

– family message
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