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Tandem death family call to end combined sentencing

Ross and Clare Simons were killed when they were knocked off their tandem in January 2013 Credit: Family

The families of a couple from South Gloucestershire killed by a disqualified motorist have started a campaign to change the law on sentencing - so that the man responsible would serve a separate sentence for each life taken, rather than a combined one.

Ross and Clare Simons were killed in January last year when a car driven by Nicholas Lovell knocked them off their tandem in Hanham. He's serving ten and a half years in jail.


Petition from grieving family to Prime Minister

The families of a couple killed by a banned driver in South Gloucestershire are taking their campaign for tougher sentences to the Prime Minister today.

Ross and Clare Simons were hit while riding their tandem in Hanham in January 2013.

The driver had 11 previous convictions for disqualified driving and four for dangerous driving but was only jailed for 10 and a half years. A £14,000 signature petition will be presented to Downing Street this afternoon.

Ross and Clare Simons were hit while riding their tandem in Hanham in January 2013. Credit: ITV News West Country


Tandem crash family press for tougher sentences

The family of Ross and Clare Simons have said they will be campaigning for a change in the law to get tougher sentences for killer drivers. They said that Nicky Lovell would serve just three years' imprisonment for each life he took in the horrific crash in January this year, near Bristol.

We thank the judge for imposing the maximum sentence he could, however we feel cheated by the justice system that does not allow a longer sentence to be imposed for the tragic loss of their lives considering his past convictions. The people who took their lives will never understand what they have taken away from us and have never shown any remorse for their actions. While they will serve a few years in prison, we and those close to Ross and Clare, have been given life sentences. We are not just mourning the present but for the wonderful future they would have surely given us.

– Kelly Woodruff, sister of Ross Simons

Judge's comments on tandem death crash case

Nicholas Lovell remained emotionless throughout the proceedings.

The reading of the charges does not begin to reflect the gravity of this matter or the effect it has had on so many. The circumstances of the collision are too grim to describe now; everyone has heard them. There is no doubt that this is the most serious of offences conceivable of this type.

– Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, passing sentence.
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