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Tarr Steps made safe

The ancient stone footbridge on Exmoor has been rebuilt. Some steps had been washed away just months after £10,000 had been spent repairing damage from previous flooding.

But local businesses are upset it took more than seven weeks to repair it and say trade has been badly damaged.

They've been washed away twice this year but the famous Tarr Steps on Exmoor are this evening open to walk acoss once again


Tarr Steps hit by floods

The ancient bridge as it should look Credit: ITV West

One of Exmoor's most iconic landmarks has been swept away in the floods. The ancient clapper bridge, Tarr Steps, was demolished when fallen trees pushed up against the giant stones. 3/4 of the bridge has gone and will have to be rebuilt.

The ancient bridge as it is today. More than half has been swept away Credit: ITV Westcountry