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Rugby player tells story of head on collision

Rob Odams was airlifted to hospital following the crash Credit: Rob Odams

A former Taunton rugby player has told of the moment he hit a coach head on as a new campaign is launched to warn drivers of the dangers of country roads.

Rob Odams is still recovering from the accident - doctors said he was lucky to be alive. According to the Department for Transport, 60 per cent of fatalities occur on rural roads but few people are aware of the risks.


Car found of missing Taunton man

Car found of missing Taunton man Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

The car of a missing Somerset man has been found north Devon. 52 year old William Douglas from Taunton was last seen on Wednesday morning. He was reported missing when he didn't turn up for work. His car has today been found in North Molton. Exmoor Search and Rescue have now joined in the search.

Taunton Foodbank appeals for donations

Taunton Foodbank appeals for donations with increasing numbers Credit: ITV News

Taunton Foodbank is appealing for people to donate more food as their supplies have dwindled. They say increasing numbers of families have been referred to them for food and they've been feeding children in the holidays that would normally receive free school meals. The volunteers that run it say without their help crime would increase as people would either starve or steal.

Government official in Taunton to back watersports centre

Government official in Taunton to back watersports centre Credit: ITV News

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport will be in Taunton later to back plans for a new £800,000 watersports centre in the heart of the town. Sajid Javid will visit the proposed site and meet members of the Taunton Rowing and Canoe clubs who will benefit from the new centre.

Facebook group warns of danger of discarded needles

A Facebook group has been set up to warn parents about the dangers of discarded needles around Taunton.

A six year old girl had to undergo medical tests after accidentally jabbing herself in the leg with one of the discarded needles.

Chelsea Scarlett set up the group and members have taken photos of syringes they've seen left in public places.


Campaign to stop needles being discarded in Taunton

The parents a girl who was stabbed by a needle left in a playground in Taunton say they want more to be done to protect children.

Nick and Caz Smith's daughter Milly found a bag of used needles in a public toilet. She punctured her leg accidentally.

Both they and other parents in the town want the council to do more to stop needles being left in reach of children.

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