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Nigel Farage: 'This is our ... opportunity to get our country back'

Nigel Farage addresses UKIPs South West conference Credit: ITV News

Nigel Farage has been in Thornbury addressing UKIP's South West Conference. He told them it was their chance to regain independence, if Britain was to leave the EU.

"This is our once in a lifetime opportunity to get our country back."

– Nigel Farage

The UKIP leader later took his campaign to Thornbury High Street. To dispel what he called 'the fears spread by politicians and the Prime Minister, who believe Britain would be better off and better protected staying in the EU'.

It is still very early on in the campaign and no doubt in the coming weeks we'll hear plenty more from both sides. But in traditional Farage style the UKIP leader celebrated his canvassing with a visit to the nearest bar. Where he drank to the referendum and the chance to bring change to the country.

Nigel Farage celebrated his canvassing in a Thornbury pub Credit: ITV News

Do you know who the Lib Dem leader is?

Tim Farron with his voting slip at the Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth Credit: PA

It's party conference season and first up are the Liberal Democrats, who are trying to rebuild after a disastrous May election.

The party lost all their seats here in the West but today the new leader Tim Farron said people in the region were hoping to see the party recover its strength.

But do local people know who he is? We went to Thornbury in South Gloucestershire to find out.

Stream searched in hunt for missing DJ Derek

Family and friends of the missing Bristol DJ, Derek Morris, have been carrying out fresh searches, more than a month after the 73-year-old was reported missing.

They have moved their attentions to a stream in Thornbury as police believe Derek may have taken the 10.32am number 78 bus from Bristol to Thornbury on Saturday, July 11.

DJ Derek's great niece told ITV News that her family will not give up until they find out what happened to him.

DJ Derek's great niece Jennifer Griffiths with the volunteer searchers in Thornbury Credit: ITV News
The message remains the same - #FindDJDerek Credit: ITV News
Could this stream in Thornbury hold the clues to Derek's disappearance Credit: ITV News


Warning as dangerous plant spreads across the West

This picture shows how big giant hogweed is - it doesn't reveal how dangerous it can be Credit: Richard H Shaw/CABI BIOSCIENCE

Giant hogweed is spreading throughout the region and has left several people with severe burns. In other parts of the country, children have received third degree burns.

10-year-old Lauren Fuller from Thornbury in South Gloucestershire was badly burned after sheltering from the rain under giant hogweed. She had just moved to Scotland when it happened.

I was out with my dad fishing, and it was raining and I was underneath a big bush. It didn’t burn straight away. I woke up in the morning and my hands were just pure red.

– Lauren Fuller

Medical advice is to wash immediately with soap and water and stay out of the sunlight - this seems to activate the sap in Britain's most dangerous plant.

M5 in Gloucestershire re-opens after accident

The overturned lorry on the M5 in Gloucestershire Credit: Highways England

The M5 northbound in Gloucestershire has re-opened after a lorry overturned. It happened between J14 (Thornbury) and J13(Stroud) shortly before 1.30am, damaging the road surface and the central reservation.

Lane 3 of the southbound carriageway was also closed for safety reasons but also cleared just before 5am.

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