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Swindon woman gets her heart's desire - a transplant

Stacie Pridden making her Valentine's day appeal for a donor Credit: Stacie Pridden

A young woman from Swindon who has been waiting for vital organ transplants since she was 21 has finally had the life-saving operation.

On Valentine's Day, 24-year-old Stacie Pridden made a plea for a donor.

She is now recovering from a double lung and heart transplant in a Cambridge hospital.

You can find out more about Stacie's story and her "Give your heart" campaign here.


Dorset wife undergoes kidney transplant to give husband a better life

Kidney disease kills more people than cancer and claims more victims every year. People who develop the disease will eventually end up on dialysis while they wait for a transplant.

Our Health Correspondent Rebecca Broxton followed a Dorset couple as they both went under the knife to ensure a better future for them both.

WARNING: the report contains images of an operation.