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Donation increased after Hague called Aaron Banks 'a nobody'

Former Tory Party donor Aaron Banks has given Ukip £1 million. Credit: ITV News

Former Tory party donor and insurance businessman Aaron Banks said that he increased his donation to Ukip from £100,000 to £1 million after allegations that former Conservative Foreign Secretary William Hague called him "a nobody".


UKIP Leader says they have strong support in the SW

Nigel Farage says he can win more seats in the South West Credit: PA

UKIP is holding its annual conference in Doncaster today and the party leader says he can win more seats in the West Country.

Nigel Farage says the party will be targeting resources on areas where it has the best chance of success in next year's general election. He says the European elections - when UKIP retained two MEPs in the region - showed there is strong support in the south west.

UKIP in Bristol - "We're here to stay"

UKIP won a seat on Bristol City Council for the first time as Mike Frost won the Hengrove seat with 31% of the vote ahead of Labour and the Conservatives.

UKIP's Chairman in Bristol, Steve Wood told ITV News that his party is "here to stay"

Farage: 'I don't know about immigration in Cornwall'

Speaking to ITV West Country presenter Ian Axton, Ukip Leader Nigel Farage admitted he 'didn't know enough about Cornwall' on the issue of immigration in the county.

The Cornish comedian Jethro has said Cornwall 'can't cope' with the influx of immigrants, and Nigel Farage said he was 'probably right'.


UKIP official's controversial comments

UKIP has tonight defended remarks made by a party activist from Exeter who has questioned what he describes as "the lunacy of multiculturalism'.

Our presenters Ian Axton and Kylie Pentelow interview our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine about the comments made by David Challice in a column in the Exeter Express and Echo.

UKIP defends Exeter official's comments

UKIP has defended remarks made by a senior party official from Exeter who suggested women should stay at home - and questioned what he describes as "the lunacy of multiculturalism'.

In a column in the Exeter Express and Echo David Challice also referred to "cash-strapped Moslems" - saying should have multiple wives.

UKIP is not a party that believes in public debate and conversation being stifled by an obsession with political correctness. So the threshold for which the mere expression of opinion merits disciplinary action should be set high.

That threshold was quite obviously breached in yesterday's furore but it is has certainly not been today. Indeed, there are quite legitimate public concerns about the interaction of the benefits system with men who have multiple wives and these have been widely aired in the media (for example, see Daily Telegraph July 30, 2012).

Mr Challice’s remarks about women in the workplace and his wife were intended as a joke and indeed were understood as such. He does not seriously believe women should not work. Given that his wife works in the same office as he does it would be curious if he did.

The quote about Greek and Turkish drivers is not one originated by Mr Challice but is taken from a book by the noted cultural commentator Brian Sewell and indeed is attributed to Mr Sewell in the text.

– UKIP spokesman
  1. Bob Constantine

UKIP party conference held in Torquay

UKIP is holding its spring conference in Torquay. Hundreds of delegates have descended on the town amid intense media attention. The party has the South West firmly in its sights, looking to increase its presence on local councils and the number of seats it holds in the European Parliament.

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