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University staff back at work after two day strike

Staff at Bristol University's Graduate School of Education walk out in protest over pay Credit: Myrna Escalona Sibaja

University staff across the West Country have returned to work today after a two day strike over pay.

Lecturers and teaching staff, including those at the University of Bristol, say they have been held to a 1.1% pay rise and are angry that vice-chancellors have been awarded a 6.4% hike.

The University and College Union is also campaigning on gender equality issues and there is also concern about increased use of short term teaching contracts.


Sir David Attenborough opens new Life Sciences building at Bristol University

Sir David Attenborough opens Bristol University's new Life Sciences building Credit: ITV News

Sir David Attenborough has been in Bristol to open the university's new sixty million pound research and teaching centre.

Researchers at the Life Sciences building will study plants, animal behaviour and evolution.

In a speech to over 200 guests, staff and students, Sir Attenborough said: “We in Britain have been leaders in understanding the Life Sciences and you will be the leaders of tomorrow.

“Nothing could be more important in the area of scholarship than this. Understanding the natural sciences and the processes that brought us here – these things bring joy and resonance and happiness to our lives.

“This great building will give you and its graduates pleasure for the rest of your lives. It will play an important role in tackling the great problems and difficulties that the world is going to face in your generation.”

Meningitis campaigner to get honorary degree

Steve Dayman will be awarded an honorary degree at the University of Bristol Credit: ITV News

A man who's campaigned for 30 years about meningitis and raised millions of pounds for research will be awarded an honorary degree at the University of Bristol today.

Steve Dayman lost his baby son Spencer to the illness. This afternoon, former nurse and equal rights campaigner Princess Campbell - who was the first black ward sister in Bristol - will also be honoured.

Bristol student helps prepare astronauts for Mars

Bristol student helps prepare astronauts for life on Mars Credit: University of Bristol

A student from the University of Bristol will be leading a team of seven experts to simulate what it would be like to live on Mars. 25 year old Ashley Dale will be spending two weeks at the Mars Desert Station in Utah.

The team will live in a small Habitat Module with limited electricity, food, oxygen and water. Their physical and psychological responses will be studied to help prepare astronauts for future missions to Mars.


Study shows girls with absent fathers more likely to develop depression

New research from the University of Bristol shows that girls whose fathers were absent during the first five years of their lives are more likely to develop depression in adolescence.

It's one of only a few studies that looks specifically at the timing of a father's departure and its effect on mental health.

The research is part of the 'Children of the 90s' study, which looks at almost 6000 children.

Study says exercise does not help prevent depression

Adding a physical activity did not have any more effect than usual care. Credit: ITV West

A new study carried out in the South West claims that physical exercise is not effective in treating depression. The research, from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, contradicts other evidence which says exercise can help treat the symptoms of depression.