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Vodafone say they are addressing the problem

The local mast in Marlborough is up and running and taking calls but we have a problem with congestion due to a significant uptake in internet-enabled phones locally. A mast can only take a limited number of calls or carry a certain amount of data at any one time so customers might find the service unavailable on occasion especially in peak hours.

We know how frustrating this is, and it’s in everyone’s interest – ours too – to make sure our customers can make full use of the network.

– Vodafone spokeswoman

They added:

We’ve already carried out a good deal of engineering work to increase capacity and we’ve seen some improvements.

This morning we have introduced 3G capability to the mast and we are currently monitoring performance. At the same time, we are still reviewing all other options for enhancing the service locally.

– Vodafone spokeswoman


Vodafone apology to North Devon customers

One of the company's mobile phone stores Credit: PA Archive

Vodafone has apologised to its customers in North Devon after three weeks of problems with the service. The company says that it's fixed the fault with voice calls but there are still problems with 3G connections.

Its engineers repaired one of its sites in Barnstaple but a fault has occurred at a second location which its also correcting.