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Police chase exotic bird in Warminster

Police chase exotic bird in Warminster Credit: Jens BÃŒttner/DPA/Press Association Images

Baffled residents could not believe their eyes when they spotted an exotic bird - running riot in Warminster town centre. Officers spent 3 hours chasing the 4ft tall rhea - a close relative of the ostrich - around the town before eventually cornering it.

They were alerted to the rogue resident on Friday evening after worried passers-by feared it may be hit by a car. Police called nearby Longleat Safari Park thinking that the Rhea may have escaped from the estate, but they said all animals were accounted for.

Sergeant Jim Suter, Sector Sergeant for Trowbridge and Bradford-on-Avon, informed followers of the strange chase on Twitter and tweeted that the bird had been returned to it's owner.

Troops march to mark the Freedom of Warminster

Hundreds of people lined the streets in Warminster today to cheer on troops as they marched through the town.

Around 250 soldiers from the newly-named 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment took part in the parade.

It marked the Freedom of the Town which was initially given to the Battlesbury Barracks-based regiment last year.

Soldiers parade through Warminster Credit: ITV News West Country


1st battalion the Yorkshire regiment march through Warminster

1st battalion the Yorkshire regiment march through Warminster Credit: ITV News West Country

People are expected to line the streets of Warminster this morning (10am) as 250 soldiers march through the Wiltshire town.

The troops are from 1st battalion the Yorkshire regiment, which is based at Battlesbury barracks. After the freedom parade and church service they will host activities at their barracks to show their appreciation for the community.

Glove-makers have reason to remember the Coronation

A duplicate of the glove made for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation Credit: ITV News West Country

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation and a Wiltshire company will be remembering the role IT played back in 1953. Dents glove makers was responsible for creating the intricate official Coronation Glove presented at the ceremony.

Two gloves were made for the event - a duplicate is housed in the Dents museum in Warminster.

'Oldest continuous employee in Britain' celebrates 80th birthday

John Cundick has been working continuously since 1949 in a glovemakers in Warminster Credit: ITV Westcountry

A Wiltshire man who is thought to be the oldest continuous employee in Britain is celebrating his 80th birthday today - at work in Warminster.

John Cundick started at Dents glovemakers as a postboy in 1949. He worked himself up over the 60-odd years to become to be a sales director.

Wiltshire factory claim a TV show has boosted glove sales

Wiltshire glove -maker claim a rise in glove sales Credit: ITV News West Country

A glove-maker from Wiltshire is claiming a rise in glove sales thanks to a TV show. Dents in Warminster provided props for the ITV1 series Mr Selfridge

They were asked to help with information on styles and provide props by programme makers because they stocked the department store for a century.


  1. Tamsin Eames

Full report: Soldiers' computer training is 'helping win the wars of tomorrow'

It looks like the ultimate war game and sounds like it too...

'Urban Warrior 5' is a £1m virtual training programme that soldiers have been taking part in at the Army's Land Warfare Centre in Warminster.

It involves using the latest computer software to create realistic combat scenarios. The Army says the simulations help it to decide the resources it needs to invest in for the conflicts of the future. Tamsin Eames reports.

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