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Part of Bristol without water after burst main

It's hoped the service will be back to normal by mid morning. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA

Some residents in the Redland area of Bristol are without water after a burst main.

Bristol Water has a crew working to fix the issue on Clarendon Road. At the moment it's not clear how many households are being affected.


South West Water: how to fix discolouration problem in Cornwall

Several customers have reported problems with the water colour Credit: Debi Evans

A burst water main is affecting water services in parts of Cornwall, leading to some cases of water discolouration.

Posting on their website, South West Water said they are carrying urgent repair work and apologised for any inconvenience caused.

If your water is discoloured this can be cleared by running from the cold kitchen tap.

– South West Water

Flash 'Flask' Mob gathers in Bristol

Refill Bristol is a city-wide campaign that is promoting drinking water Credit: ITV News

A flash mob has gathered on the Harbourside in Bristol to try and get people to drink more tap water rather than bottled water.

It was organised by 'Refill Bristol' which is a city-wide campaign to promote drinking water, supplied from local reservoirs and provided free by local businesses, cafes, bars and restaurants direct from the tap.

The campaign has come about as part of Bristol's City To Sea initiative which has brought together local environmental experts, marine campaigners and the public who are keen for Bristol as European Green Capital to take action on the marine litter problem, which is receiving increasing coverage nationally and internationally.

We're fortunate to have high quality tap water here in Bristol and we hope Refill Bristol will help Bristolians fall back in love with it - by popping into one of Bristol's excellent cafes and bars and staying hydrated for free!

It's a win-win, saving consumers money whilst helping reduce the amount of plastic bottles we see all over our local riverbanks!

– Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea

Isles of Scilly face a 45 million pound bill to upgrade their water

Water bills on the Isles of Scilly could soar Credit: ITV News

Residents on the Isles of Scilly have been told they face a 45 million pound bill to upgrade their water and sewerage system - to bring them in line with European standards.

Leading councillors on the islands warned today about the impact on tourism - and said water bills could soar - unless alternative funding can be found.

The local council has written to every household on the islands about the proposals.


Council says beaches remain safe for swimming despite poor weather

Tests of water quality on beaches at Exmouth and Budleigh show that they continue to meet EC standards for bathing, according to East Devon District Council. While heavy rains have led to some overflow from storm drains, this has not affected weekly tests.

The council says both beaches are now included in the South West Water Beach Live scheme. This provides the latest information on water quality.

Swindon Council to return £10,000 plant order due to hosepipe ban

Thames Water announced a hosepipe ban in areas of the South West Credit: ITV West

Swindon Borough Council has said it plans to return a £10,000 order of flowers and plants following the hosepipe ban.

The authority says its spring planting scheme is unlikely to go ahead because it will be unable to maintain the plants without water.

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