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Severn Trent says water restored to majority of customers in Cheltenham

Thousands of homes are thought to have been affected by the burst. Credit: Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water says water has been restored to the majority of customers in Cheltenham following a mains burst overnight.

"We're happy to say that we've managed to restore supplies to the majority of our customers in the Cheltenham area.

"Some customers may still be seeing their water coming and going, this is because we're filling the network back up.

"We're working hard to get everything back to normal for everyone, but customers may experience some poor pressure this evening.

"We're also still handing out bottled water to those affected, and our teams are continuing to work on-site fixing the burst pipe.

"Customers that are affected, can collect bottled water from the Morrisons in Hatherley, Cheltenham GL51 3BW. Bottled water will be available to be collected until 10pm tonight, we're currently working on getting a second location arranged."

Part of Wiltshire without water after main bursts

Wessex Water says supplies will probably be affected until lunchtime. Credit: PA

People in the Westbury area of Wiltshire could be without a water supply for most of the morning after a water main burst last night.

Wessex Water Engineers have been working throughout the night to fix the damaged pipe.

The company says it is arranging for bottled water to be available in two central locations in the Westbury area.

While we were able to temporarily restore water supply during the night, due to demand first thing this morning we were unable to maintain supplies for all customers. We apologise to customers in the area and thank everyone for their patience.

– Ashlea Lane, Wessex Water

Any customer that requires water for medical purposes should call Wessex Water on 0345 600 4 600.


Water supply back on in Bristol homes

Bristol Water has called the incident one of the biggest in its history. Credit: ITV News

The water supply to thousands of Bristol homes has been restored after a burst water main in Willsbridge cut off services for many on Wednesday.

Bristol Water has called the incident "one of the biggest" in its history. 35,000 homes across Keynsham, Hanham and Whitchurch were without water and bowsers were brought in to supply residents with drinking water.

Five schools remain closed in Keynsham on Thursday, not confident enough in their water tank's ability to cope. Bristol Water is advising people to run their taps for a short time as the water may be discoloured, which is normal according to the utility company.

Burst water main: what to do if you've been affected

If you're one of the 35,000 homes in Bristol which were left without water this morning, here is where you can collect some:

  • Ashton Way Car Park - Keynsham
  • Waitrose - Keynsham

A third bowser is said to be on its way.

Bristol Water is asking people to take a clean container for filling if possible, and to report any concerns about vulnerable neighbours.

If your water comes back on and is discoloured then Bristol Water advises running the tap for a minute or two until it runs clear.


Part of Bristol without water after burst main

It's hoped the service will be back to normal by mid morning. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA

Some residents in the Redland area of Bristol are without water after a burst main.

Bristol Water has a crew working to fix the issue on Clarendon Road. At the moment it's not clear how many households are being affected.

South West Water: how to fix discolouration problem in Cornwall

Several customers have reported problems with the water colour Credit: Debi Evans

A burst water main is affecting water services in parts of Cornwall, leading to some cases of water discolouration.

Posting on their website, South West Water said they are carrying urgent repair work and apologised for any inconvenience caused.

If your water is discoloured this can be cleared by running from the cold kitchen tap.

– South West Water

Flash 'Flask' Mob gathers in Bristol

Refill Bristol is a city-wide campaign that is promoting drinking water Credit: ITV News

A flash mob has gathered on the Harbourside in Bristol to try and get people to drink more tap water rather than bottled water.

It was organised by 'Refill Bristol' which is a city-wide campaign to promote drinking water, supplied from local reservoirs and provided free by local businesses, cafes, bars and restaurants direct from the tap.

The campaign has come about as part of Bristol's City To Sea initiative which has brought together local environmental experts, marine campaigners and the public who are keen for Bristol as European Green Capital to take action on the marine litter problem, which is receiving increasing coverage nationally and internationally.

We're fortunate to have high quality tap water here in Bristol and we hope Refill Bristol will help Bristolians fall back in love with it - by popping into one of Bristol's excellent cafes and bars and staying hydrated for free!

It's a win-win, saving consumers money whilst helping reduce the amount of plastic bottles we see all over our local riverbanks!

– Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea
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